Visas and immigration to Germany.
Feud Group conducts registration of all types of visas and immigration to Germany. As part of the company, Western lawyers with more than 25 years of experience.
Offices in Europe, Ukraine, USA and Kazakhstan.
If you decide to immigrate to Germany for the purpose of: living, studying, working, doing business, Feud Group will provide you with full visa and immigration support.
German lawyers and Ukrainian immigration specialists Feod Group have extensive experience in processing all long-term national visas (more than 90 days) for citizens of countries outside the European Union.
Accredited German lawyers will fully accompany your application for a long-term visa, as well as represent your interests in German public bodies.
Feud Group supports your application for a residence permit immediately upon arrival in Germany, as well as assistance in the renewal and extension of the residence permit, in obtaining a permanent residence permit and citizenship.
Our company assists in registration of all categories of visas and immigration statuses of Germany, in particular:
Business immigration to Germany.
An alien may obtain a residence permit for the purpose of doing business in Germany if:
in this there is an interest or need on the part of the region; It is assumed that the chosen kind of activity can positively affect the economy as a whole; the applicant has adequate financing for doing business.
The minimum amount of investment in your business is not legally established.
Working visa to Germany / Blue card EU (Blue EU card)
If there is a labor contract with a German employer, immigration to Germany is possible on the basis of employment.
To obtain a work visa, the German employer must obtain a work permit, with the involvement of the Federal Employment Agency of Germany. Among other things, it must be proved that there are no suitable candidates for this place among the inhabitants of Germany.
A simplified version of the work visa is the receipt of the so-called Blue Card EU (Blue Card EU). It was created for highly skilled workers.
The Blue EU Card can be issued to foreign citizens from countries that are not members of the European Union if:
they have recognized higher education and no less than five years of experience in the profession, which they intend to engage in the territory of Germany; have a working contract in Germany with an annual salary of at least 49,600 Euros.
Family reunification in Germany.
This group includes:
reunification with a spouse or same-sex partner; marriage and further permanent residence in Germany; reunion of minor children with their parents; reuniting the parent with the child & # 8212; citizen of Germany; reunion of other family members.
Permanent residence permit in Germany.
After living in Germany for five years on a legal basis, you can request a permanent residence permit. In some cases, the five-year period may be reduced, in particular & # 8212; for graduates of German universities, participants of the Blue Card EU program, highly qualified specialists.
How to obtain German citizenship.
Legislation provides for the possibility to obtain a passport of a German citizen:
on the basis of origin, if one or both parents are German nationals; on the basis of birth in Germany, provided that the parents are residents of Germany and have lived in the country for at least 8 years; on the basis of marriage with a citizen (the right to acquire citizenship is acquired after two years of marriage and three years of residence in the country); naturalization – in the general order is possible after 8 years of legal residence in Germany.
Our specialists will provide you with legal and business support for the acquisition or lease of real estate, company registration and accounting, hiring, training for your children, and other additional services.
For the initial analysis of your request, Feud Group recommends that you use professional advice from Western immigration attorneys, where you will receive detailed information about the immigration laws of Germany.
Experts of Theod Group know how to properly prepare visa and immigration filing in compliance with all the norms of the current legislation.
Whichever reason you need to move to Germany, the Feud Group team will help you and your family members to fulfill this dream.
The main services of Theod Group in Germany.
Immigration and visa.
General and specialized advice on immigration laws of Germany; Recommendations for choosing a visa, immigration category; Preparation of documents for submission to different categories of visas; Translations and registration of documents (legalization, apostille); Filling of visa application forms and registration for submission of documents; Maintenance of visa applications by German immigration lawyers; Working with complex cases & # 8212; previous visa refusals, immigration violations of various countries, appeals; Services of a lawyer in case of threat of deportation, refusal to enter, other problem cases; Change, extension of the status of stay in the territory of Germany; Submission of documents for permanent residence and obtaining citizenship;
Business and legal.
Registration of a company in Germany, registration of companies in Europe, offshore jurisdictions Purchase of a ready business in Germany Financial investments, full legal support Investments in real estate in Germany, purchase of apartments, houses, villas, commercial real estate, full support Organization of secondary and higher education in Germany Services of German lawyers in matters of family, civil, criminal and other fields of law.
Also, Feod Group provides its customers with related services related to relocation and adaptation in the country.
Countries in which we offer visa and immigration support:
full list of countries.
Visas and immigration.
Education abroad.
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