Visa to Sweden for Russians: how to apply?
The process of obtaining a visa is always very difficult and quite lengthy. How is a visa issued to Sweden? Are there any special techniques that allow you to get the covenant document as soon as possible and easier? All of these and other questions will be answered in the article.
Features of obtaining a visa in 2017.
Making a visa to Sweden is a very difficult and protracted process. However, all the procedures will necessarily cost the time spent if the document is really needed. As of 2017, Russians can go to the Kingdom of Sweden only on a special Schengen visa. This type of document is significantly different from the usual visa, primarily the features of the acquisition.
September 14, 2015 was introduced a certain number of conditions and rules governing the process of obtaining a Schengen visa. So, every citizen of Russia, wishing to go to the countries of the Schengen area, must undergo special biometric analysis. The procedure includes dactyloscopy, that is, fingerprinting, as well as the process of photographing in a special center for obtaining visas. At the same time, all the data will not last very long – about 59 months (5 years). Dactyloscopy should be performed for all persons over 12 years of age. Photographing must pass through all citizens.
Despite the fact that issuing a visa to the Kingdom of Sweden is a long process and not the easiest, one should not believe the allegations about the need to contact travel agencies or other auxiliary organizations. In fact, a visa to Sweden can very well be acquired independently. All the rules and conditions for obtaining a treasured document are on the official website of the Swedish Embassy. In a little more detail, all these rules will be indicated below.
The cost of a visa.
Any Russian who wants to apply for a visa to the Swedish state is primarily interested in the cost of the document. If you do not contact the various travel agencies and organizations created to assist in the processing of documents, then pay for a visa will not be so much.
The visa to Sweden has several basic subspecies. The cost of the document will depend largely on what type of visa the citizen wants to issue. There are three types of documents: B, C and D categories. Each of the categories presented determines the purpose of the visit to Sweden:
Visa B category is considered not the most popular, because it is transit. A B-category visa is required to travel to any country through the Swedish Kingdom. A category C visa is a short-term document. It allows a person to stay in the territory of the state under consideration for only 90 days. It is the category C visa that is the most common form of the document. In addition, it is divided into several specialized types: working, tourist, business visa, etc. Finally, the visa category D. This type of document provides an opportunity for a full stay in the country for one year.
It is necessary to return to the question at last. How much does a visa for Sweden cost? All the money that will be given to the embassy, consists of two contributions: service and consular fees.
The consular fee is 35 euros for a category C visa. If there is a desire to issue a document urgently, then it will be necessary to pay twice as much. A category D document costs 60 euros. Money can not be paid only to students: students or schoolchildren, who will be paid by the Swedish state body. It is worth noting that the consular fee must be paid in the embassy of Sweden.
The service fee will have to be given to special visa centers located on the territory of the Russian Federation. As of 2017, the amount of service charge is about 1,600 rubles.
Thus, to obtain a visa to Sweden will have to pay not so much and a large amount: from 4 thousand (category C) to 9 thousand rubles (category D).
Tourist and guest visas: features of the receipt.
As already mentioned above, at the moment there is a considerable number of options for obtaining a Swedish visa. One of these options, and the most common is a tourist document. How is it possible to go to such a wonderful state as Sweden?
Visa for Russians is considered a popular product. Obtaining documents of this type is simply put on stream today. Many citizens, wishing to stay in the famous European country for a short while, acquire a tourist visa. To get it, you just need to contact any travel agency. The employees working there will try to do everything themselves, and for a very short time. All that is required from the client is just the correct filling of the documents. It will be necessary to specify correctly:
Place of residence: hotel, hotel room, etc. A special certificate from the hotel must be attached, confirming the possibility of further residence. The route plan must be confirmed. The applicant must have work, which would be confirmed by the existence of a work record book. The applicant must confirm the intention of returning to the Russian Federation (to confirm it can be a copy of the work record or a document of residence). The consent to enter must be confirmed by the Kingdom of Sweden itself.
A visa for Russians of a guest type can also be obtained subject to certain rules and conditions. These include:
Confirmation of family ties with persons residing in the territory of Sweden (the visa is called “guest” just because of the presence in the Swedish Kingdom of relatives calling to “visit”). Proof of the availability of a workplace on the territory of the Russian Federation, and, therefore, confirmation of the intention to return to his native country. Confirmation of Swedish citizenship by the inviting party.
Thus, if all the rules are observed, it will not be so difficult to draw up the coveted document.
Required documentation.
It is worthwhile to tell in some detail about the availability of quality documents for a visa to Sweden in the presence of any documents. It should immediately be noted that the entire package of documents will be quite large and impressive. Of course, depending on the category of visa that a citizen would like to receive, the list of securities provided to the embassy may vary slightly.
However, the most common and “classic” list of documents is as follows:
Questionnaire for issuing a visa document (application form). The application form must be completed in two languages: Swedish and English. It is signed by the applicant himself. Passport or other document, by which you can legally enter the territory of the Schengen area. The document must be valid for at least three months; The last two pages should remain empty in it, and its duration should not exceed ten years. The presence of two photographs that meet all the necessary requirements. Application for payment of fees. Medical certificate and insurance, the minimum amount of which is 30 thousand euros. A copy of the Russian passport.
The list of documents may vary slightly depending on the type of visa received. For example, a working visa to Sweden also presupposes the availability of documents from the place of work, the training visa from the place of study, etc. In both cases, all the necessary assistance in collecting the documentation will be provided by the management.
Children’s visa: the features of the receipt.
Separately it is necessary to tell about two more types of visa documents: a children’s and study permit to the Kingdom of Sweden. If a Russian family with a child (a person under the age of 18) is traveling, then the parents or guardians should take care of the availability of a special package of various documents and applications that are competently and qualitatively designed.
The official website of the Swedish embassy fixes the following list of required papers:
Standard questionnaire needed for visa application. The parent or legal guardian of the child must sign this form. The foreign passport of the child. This document may not be necessary in two cases: either when the child is not yet 14 years old, or when parents submit copies of their passport pages in which there is a photograph of the child. 2 photos from each person traveling to Sweden. Applications for payment of all necessary fees and fees (service and consular). Medical insurance, both parents and child. Copies of the child’s passport if he is already 14 years old.
This list can be supplemented with a birth certificate, a written consent of one of the parents for the trip of the child with the other parent, as well as a copy of the current Schengen of one of the parents in case the child’s visa was decided to be issued later “adult”.
Study or work visa.
A working visa for Sweden is issued in cases when a Russian citizen needs to go to the Kingdom with a clear working or business purpose. The embassy needs to confirm the working purpose of the trip. How can this be done? Firstly, to provide an application from the management of the company in which the person performs his work. Secondly, to show the letter from the meeting person – that is, from a certain Swedish company inviting a Russian citizen to visit for a working visit.
Both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs must confirm to the Swedish embassy that they have a legitimate economic activity. And what about the students?
The Visa Center of Sweden is always ready to provide all possible assistance in preparing all the necessary documentation necessary for the admission of students or students to the Kingdom. It does not require a lot of documents.
Some citizens have a question about whether a visa is needed for studying in Sweden, the purpose of the trip is olympiads, competitions, etc.? The answer is yes. So, in addition to the basic package already mentioned above, trainees must provide the organization with a written application from the host country, a certificate of study (student card), as well as a document confirming the financial security of the student (bank account, sponsorship, parental support, etc.). .
Procedure for issuing a visa.
Above it was told about the basic documents that every Russian citizen who wants to issue a visa must provide. Sweden is a state located in the so-called Schengen zone. Therefore, the very procedure for issuing a visa document has some interesting and specific features. The procedure and process for obtaining a covenant permit to enter the Kingdom will be discussed further.
You can apply for a visa in two ways: independently and through an agency. However, in both cases it will be necessary to take an active part in filling out a multitude of documents. A Russian citizen must consent to the processing of personal data. Only then will the process of registration of applications begin. All the necessary papers will be ready to be filled in a week after the application is submitted. The Embassy of Sweden is ready to issue a visa and urgently, but it will cost a little more.
A citizen is required to fill out a special questionnaire in two languages: Swedish and English. Samples of questionnaires of different categories can be downloaded on the official website of the Embassy of Sweden. There must be photos. Here it is necessary to take into account the rules established by the International Civil Aviation Organization:
photo must be colored; size – 35 x 45 mm; the picture is clear; the sight is directed to the camera; The face is not covered with hair or sunglasses; there are no hats.
The picture should be taken really seriously. If the photo does not comply with the standard, the embassy has the right to give the citizen a refusal.
On the urgent receipt of a visa.
The possibility of an urgent receipt of a visa document has already been indicated several times above. How to get a visa to Sweden as soon as possible? This will be discussed later.
The Swedish embassy is ready to make concessions to citizens who have really good reasons for an urgent visa. Citizens who are hoping for a visa to Sweden urgently because of the lost reservation at the hotel, will be disappointed – this is not the reason. Something really important must happen: a wedding, a funeral, urgent fees, etc. It is highly desirable that the applicant provide the visa center with evidence of an event for which he is in a hurry to obtain a visa. For example, the organizers of the conference, which should happen in the coming days, can write a petition to the embassy for the provision of urgent services. In this case, obtaining a visa will cost more, for example, for categories C and D – exactly two times.
Do not be guided by the tricks of intermediaries and various agencies. The statements that they will help to make a visa in three or four days are always aimed only at making a profit. Even on the official website of the embassy all the terms are clearly indicated: the application is considered for a maximum of five days. Urgent visa is issued for 24 hours.
Refusal to obtain a visa.
A Russian citizen needs a visa to Sweden. Can the embassy give him a refusal? If so, what are the reasons for this? Further answers to these questions will be provided.
Failures do happen, but still, quite rarely. The Swedish embassy is unlikely to deny ordinary tourists, students or entrepreneurs. The reason for the refusal can be only one, applicable absolutely to all groups of persons: incorrect filling of documents. In this case, the applicant will not be able to enter the Swedish Kingdom until he has correctly filled all the papers.
And when can a refusal be given regardless of the filed forms of documentation? In fact, there are no clear rules here. An embassy employee is able to allow a Russian citizen who has 8 convictions (albeit redeemed) to enter the country, but to refuse a simple married couple. The fact is that every employee of the visa center or embassy is, first of all, a competent psychologist. There are a number of factors by which an employee tries to separate a person who wants to travel from another lover of illegal immigration.
There is another urgent question: does Sweden plan to abolish the visa regime with the Russian Federation in the near future? Definitely not. As you know, the main document on which you can get to the Kingdom today is a Schengen visa. Sweden, therefore, is in a special agreement with the states of the European Union and some other countries. All these state formations constitute the so-called “Schengen zone”, which establishes certain rules for travel. In addition, Russia’s policy towards Ukraine, conducted recently, has significantly influenced the freezing of the Schengen zone of any negotiations on the liberalization of the visa regime.
Addresses of embassies and visa centers.
The Swedish Embassy in Moscow is in house 60 on Mosfilmovskaya Street. In St. Petersburg – on Malaya Konyushennaya, in the house 1/3. The Swedish visa center in Moscow is located in the house 31/1, on the street Suschevsky Val; in St. Petersburg – on the second floor of the house 7, on Chkalovskaya Street. Another visa-center is in the Urals, in the city of Yekaterinburg. It is located on the second floor of house 44 on Kuibyshev Street.
Many tourists and travelers have left their feedback about the work of embassies and visa centers. So, one citizen indicates the goodwill of the employees. Unlike embassies of other countries, workers “do not look at applicants as on examination”, but on the contrary, they communicate very cute and friendly. On questions about what kind of visa in Sweden is needed for travel, work or study, employees give detailed and understandable answers.
Another citizen drew attention to the short duration of the documentation: either because embassy employees work very qualitatively, or because a country that nobody especially visits – it’s just Sweden. Schengen visa, as the user notes, was received in a very short time, and pay for it had very little.