Visa regime and residence permit in Egypt.
Entry visa, obtaining a residence permit, citizenship, addresses of the embassy and consulates.
To enter Egypt, Russian citizens need to obtain a visa. It can be issued both in advance at the consulate of Egypt, and at the place of crossing the border, for example, at the airport.
A visa on arrival represents a stamp worth $ 15, which is pasted into a foreign passport. Such a visa entitles you to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days. Within a week after entering the country, you need to contact the nearest police department to make a mark in your passport. Sometimes hotels provide this service to their guests. If for some reason you are forced to stay in Egypt, you need to apply to the visa department and fill out an application for the extension of the visa, indicating the reasons for the delay and the address of residence in the country. The visa can be extended twice a month. Extension of the visa for a period of up to six months is also possible and is also carried out in the Visa Department. The applicant submits a request for an extension, then an interview is scheduled with the secret police (analogue to the FSB). However, this does not exclude the refusal, because this institution extends the visa at its discretion.
Visas for more than 30 days are issued at the consular representation of Egypt (for example, at the Embassy of Egypt in Moscow) and they are allowed to stay in the country for up to three months. The consular fee for Russian citizens is 350 rubles.
Documents required for obtaining an Egyptian visa in the Russian Federation:
a foreign passport whose validity expires not less than 6 months after the end of the proposed trip; a copy of the passport page with the personal data of the applicant; 1 photo; completed in English and signed by itself; travel company voucher or hotel reservation confirmation; copies of all completed pages of the civil passport; Insurance policy for the whole trip with a cover amount of at least $ 15 thousand; for minors – a copy of the birth certificate.
In the event that a foreigner does not leave Egypt after the visa expires, he pays a fine at the airport for each month of late payment of 153 Egyptian pounds (about $ 30.) However, when re-entering the country, this violation should not be an obstacle.
The owner of real estate in Egypt is entitled to a resident visa – in fact, a residence permit in Egypt. To do this, the value of real estate must exceed 300 thousand e. (about $ 50 thousand). A resident visa is issued for six months, extended for a year, then – for five, in the future it can be extended for another five years. If an object worth up to 300 thousand TEU was purchased, the residence permit is not granted, but the owner also receives certain visa benefits: the owner can request a one-year visa with the possibility of renewal. If the value of the property is less than 300 thousand eu., The owner of the property is not granted any benefits when obtaining a visa and residence permit.
In Sharm el-Sheikh, a special procedure is in place: the owner of the property in any case receives a resident visa, regardless of the value of the property. Parents and children of the owner can also apply for a visa.
Other conditions for obtaining a residence permit are determined by the Ministry of the Interior of Egypt. The following groups of foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit for a five-year term with a possible extension:
investors – provided that the company is subject to the Law “On the rules of guarantees and investment development”; Egyptians who lost Egyptian citizenship when naturalized in a foreign country, as well as their children; children from an Egyptian mother and children of widows of Egyptians who have a five-year residence permit; people over the age of 60 living in Egypt for ten years, provided they have a means of subsistence; wife and widow of Egyptians (minimum 2 years in marriage); wives of foreigners who have a three-year residence permit; Wives and children of foreigners who have a five-year residence permit;
The following groups of foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit for a three-year period with a possible extension:
foreigners who have been married to citizens of Egypt for at least 5 years; State employees and public sector workers in Egypt; Foreigners living in Egyptian nursing homes; foreigners who received a three-year residence permit with the consent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt.
A resident visa issued on the basis of owning a property does not entitle you to obtain the citizenship of Egypt.
In accordance with article 4 of the Egyptian Law “On Citizenship”, the citizenship of Egypt can be granted to the following persons.
An alien who was born in Egypt and is in Egypt at the time of coming of age. To this end, he must meet the following conditions: is in his right mind and does not have physical injuries, which make him a burden to society; previously not convicted (or rehabilitated); speaks Arabic; has a legitimate source of income. To a foreigner after ten years in the country. To do this, it must also meet the conditions specified above. A citizen of another state who married an Egyptian. At the same time, marriage must be formally concluded and recognized by Egyptian law. Foreigners who rendered Egypt services of exceptional importance.
The decision on granting citizenship to a foreign citizen can also be taken by the President of Egypt. Citizens of the Russian Federation can obtain the citizenship of Egypt as a second.
Diplomatic Representatives of Egypt in the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation in Egypt.
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Russian Federation.
Moscow, Kropotkinsky per., 12;
tel .: +7 (495) 246-30-96, 246-02-34; fax: +7 (095) 246-10-64.
Cairo, Dokki, Giza, 95;
tel .: (202) 3-748-93-53 / 54/56; fax: (202) 3-760-90-74;
Cairo, Dokki, Misaha, 34;
tel .: (202) 3-761-45-11; fax: (202) 3-761-45-12;
Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Alexandria:
Alexandria, Saba Pasha, ul. Tag el Ruasa, 9;
telephone: (203) 583-35-34; fax: (203) 583-28-11;
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