Video with a girl threatening to go to starve in Africa, became a hit of the Web.
The baby scolds Dad and promises to leave home in Africa or Lapland.
On the web, there was a viral video with a girl who scolds Papa and threatens to leave for Africa. There baby is going to starve with the children. Frames with a comical scene hit the Internet thanks to the girl’s grandmother.
In just a week the video with the child scored over 3 million views. The girl’s father, Ruslan Gareev, writes on Facebook that he tried to delete it, but nothing helped: numerous copies dispersed on the Net. In the end, the man himself published a video in which he talks with an offended daughter Danechka.
From the video it is clear that the girl was offended by the pope for being constantly scolded.
& laquo; I’m leaving for Africa! There, where children are starving. Hungry, poor children & raquo ;, – says the child with tears in his eyes.
True, Danechka agrees that she is being scolded deservedly for bad behavior, but seriously going to Africa. And she is surprised that Dad does not want to take it there.
– Well, then call a taxi!
– And that taxi will take you away?
“And what will you do there, in Africa?” There’s no one there.
– To starve, as children are starving.
Eventually the child gathers to Lapland to have her there & laquo; bears eaten & raquo ;. But, arguing, the girl still stops the choice in Africa: & laquo; Let the crocodiles eat me! & Raquo ;.
12:30 pm | April 22 | 2016.
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