Vaccinations for children in the United States. Our experience.
Girls, many asked me about vaccinations in the United States, I decided to write, as it happens here, my story will be far from complete, because my son was vaccinated (not all) upon arrival in the States. And this story is just my personal experience.
Maybe one of the girls living in the US, Canada, I will add or correct, but in general, who is interested – you can make a picture.
This post is an introductory, in no case either in defense or vice versa the call for refusal of vaccinations – I just describe how the vaccination of children in the US proceeds.
So, at first Russia – at a birth to the son have inoculated from a hepatitis In, in a year have made BCG (at once the vaccine was not in a maternity home), then have made still from a hepatitis In, measles-rubella-mumps and 2 DTP, this all that we managed to make up to 4,5 years, until the move, the last DPT could not do because either they were ill, and then serious complications after vaccinations started and I was just afraid to do them.
When they arrived in the States, the doctor immediately said that vaccinations were compulsory, without them the child simply would not be taken to the garden school, moreover, pediatricians may refuse to lead your child if you do not agree to vaccinate, but this does not mean that you have to do them !! You can always find another doctor. The same goes for schools. In most states, there is a denial of vaccinations for religious reasons, and in some states (including California), you can refuse for philosophical reasons. To do this, you have to fight and fill a lot of papers, and not the fact that the school will take you in the end. In fact, I asked both my mother-in-law and all-all acquaintances with children, it is possible to refuse, but it is difficult, always other parents can file a counterclaim that an unvaccinated child carries a danger and the school is easier to refuse than to participate in endless litigation, and the matter is time-consuming and expensive. You can not vaccinate a child before school, and then he still has to stab all doses at once, too, not the best option.
Here is the schedule of vaccinations in the US:
1 month – HepB vaccine against hepatitis B.
2 months – HepB, DTap, HiP, IPV, PCV, RV – re-vaccine against hepatitis B, DDS (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough), hemophilic influenza, polio vaccine, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.
4 month – all the same vaccines as in the second month, except for hepatitis B.
6 months – HepB, DTap, HiP, IPV, PCV, RV – re-vaccine against hepatitis B, CDS, hemophilic influenza, polio vaccine, pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines + Influenza (common vaccine for the prevention of influenza)
12 months – HiP, PCV, Varicella, MMR, HepA – hemophilic influenza vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, chickenpox vaccination, measles and anti-hepatitis A trivaccine.
18 months – HepA – a vaccine against hepatitis A.
4-6 years – DTap, IPV, RMM, Varicella – CDS, polio vaccine, measles vaccine, vaccine against chickenpox (chicken pox)
11-12 years – DTap, MCV4, HPV – CDS, meningococcal vaccine, human papilloma virus.
In general, it is clear from the graph that the stabbing begins immediately and a lot, all vaccines are usually pricked separately, that is, the KDS is pricked not combined, but three different inoculations. The schedule shows that there are vaccinations that are not included in the mandatory calendar in Russia – chicken pox, menningokok, influenza, hepatitis A, and something else. All vaccines in the US are dead. But BCG in the US is not put, because it is considered not effective, plus tuberculosis is considered to be a defeated disease. The child will be taken to school without problems, even if he does not have vaccinations only by a medical worker.
I was registered as a pediatrician, she leads our entire family, plus a children’s doctor, came to the appointed time, a nurse came out, since the visit was the first, we filled out a lot of papers, there were the simplest questions, whether the child can count up to 10 , does the color (remember the age of my son then was almost 5 years old), etc. in this spirit, there were questions about allegory, about hereditary diseases and even about whether we have weapons in the house and where we store it, whether parents smoke (t my husband and I) and how often we drink. The nurse measured the height and weight, checked the temperature, just put the thermometer on the forehead and the temperature showed up on it (I want to buy this house, but I forget all the time), And after all this we were already taken to the doctor, she listened to her son, checked the reflexes, and actually all – appointed the vaccinations that the nurse came to do. And the doctor went to another room, to another patient.
Since Misha did not have half of the vaccinations, they made excuses in three doses, the first time with an interval of 1.5 months, then six months. I took the certificate of vaccinations from the house (from the polyclinic), she translated it into English, the doctor believed me on the floor and did not appoint anything extra, but my son was enough))). Oral at the sight of injections, as cut, especially at once for the first time 5 pieces (CDS is separate), but all children immediately after vaccination are given a basket with toys, where the baby chooses what he needs, one can take not one))) and how The rule behind this occupation is that tears quickly pass. The last time the son has already proudly informed the nurse that he is going to become a policeman and arrest all the doctors who injects), he is already chatting and is not shy in English). Vaccinations are done in the leg, then they are covered with adhesive tape. Recommendations not to walk, do not go to school the next day, do not bathe – no. The son suffered all without temperature or some complications, but after the CDS his leg hurt heavily and there was a cone of reddish color, the pain went through the day after 4, and the lump resorbed weeks 2.
The last time we were at the doctor a month ago and the next scheduled appointment we were appointed in the middle of September, already without vaccinations. For all visits to the doctor, we paid $ 20, which will be returned to her husband at the end of the year, everything is covered by insurance.
Retreat – I also had to finish some vaccinations, in particular from hepatitis A, it is not put in Russia and separately from tetanus, I had the transfer of vaccines with me, but I did not have much. I’m already an adult, I took a blood test (imunnogram) and found out what antibodies I have (I hope I understand it clearly) – this analysis was just a dolt from tetanus, although I did it 5 years ago at home. Vaccinations I did in another clinic, so as not to wait for the reception (because you just can not get to the doctor, you have to register in advance), and we had to get a certificate of the vaccinations available from the son – and so the certificate was printed without problems in this other clinic, my husband said that this is a combined federal system that allows you to get your vaccination data from any country clinic, that’s great, right?
And of course after each visit to the doctor, we stopped at the toy store to give our son a consolation prize: there are puzzles, water markers, a sculpture dinosaur and megabriks puzzle (saved on Lego)))).
If there are any questions, ask).
I know about their decanter. I like it sooooooo much. About vaccinations, as well as much more, you can argue endlessly, but we have studied a bunch of literature tending to the fact that the US has the best vaccination calendar. We are vaccinating.
I would like to put myself against the VPC, I need it … I only (we did in Lipetsk), it cost about 7000 a year ago. And they need to do 3 things in my opinion not cheap (((
very informative))) many vaccinations in our country unfortunately do not … and it would be worth to include the rotavirus and chickenpox from meningococcus in the calendar.
Katya, many also think)
Marina, Marin, I do not know if this is justified, but I trust)
I, incidentally, really like that you can sue the school, and parents if there are not grafted children there. very correctly. and then they go – they spread the infection.
I consider that the schedule, yes, heavy, but at you even the control over inoculations rigid. And if you do not let it happen, you can pay for both treatment and rehabilitation.
And at us – you do not do it, you do it, you do – complications have appeared-it’s your fault (((. The maximum that parents get from the state, whose children are affected by vaccinations are disability, a disability pension, a meager childcare allowance and minimal help (LFK somehow, pain relievers, something else at a minimum) and the child will be treated by parents, volunteers, aid funds (((
And thank God that you have this side.
aaaa when we will.
Alexandra, hello! I am absolutely against vaccination. We intend to move to the US, my husband just got on fire with this idea. I also have to work there, but I do not want to vaccinate children. This is not even discussed. How can I properly formulate an application for the refusal of vaccinations? what is the general procedure for failure?
Alexandra, thank you very much for such an article! Tell me, please, my children 3 and 5 years, we are going to move to the US this year, we in Ukraine did not make any vaccinations, can we on arrival visit a pediatrician in the US, set our schedule of all vaccinations for each child to do gradually all the vaccinations necessary for the US? How long does it take approximately? Will they take to the school if, if some vaccinations are not available by the time the class begins (the elder will be 5.5 years old). Will they take to the garden without vaccinations? & # 8203; I will be grateful for the advice!
But on the issue – yes, all together will not be stabbed, they will start as in the schedule – in portions, but they will do everything fairly quickly for six months (I write in our experience), if some parts of vaccinations are not – they will take, but then they will ask you for a certificate that you have finished everything. You can certainly refuse to write, but there will be a lot of trouble.
Thank you for the prompt reply, we will enter the turviz 🙂 By the school I realized, And they take me to the kindergarten without vaccinations?
But you know here (maybe recklessly) – I was not afraid to make my son vaccinated, by the way, too, the missing ones were finished. Houses are constantly exaggerated some terrible cases, and she herself saw the children they know, here – not once. And on arrival here, we did not have all the vaccinations, so we finished it.
Prompt, and from a meningitis put only in 11 years?
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