US Railways.
The US railways stretched for 220 thousand km. The width of the track, as in Europe, is 1435 mm. About 180 thousand people are employed in the railway sector of the country. In the US, railways are private. In this segment of the market there are about 600 carriers, of which 8 are the largest. They account for over 60% of freight.
Specificity of the railway message.
Railway enterprises of the country set tariffs independently, focusing on demand and competition. Railway tariffs are regulated by the federal body, which is the Land Transport Council. The US railways originally belonged to separate states. The beginning of the construction of railways in this state is considered to be 1827.
The US railways are a branched, but not too dense network. It consists of about 7 transcontinental highways that cross the country from west to east. Railway transport is based on cargo transportation. Passenger long-distance transportations are of great social importance, but are considered unprofitable. These shipments are handled by the state-owned AMTRAC corporation, which is supported by national financing. It is the only US corporation specializing in long-distance rail transportation of passengers. AMTRAK operates at least 265 trains a day. The train schedule of the company is on the website Passenger commuter transport is carried out by 19 railway enterprises.
Features of travel by train.
Tickets for a train to the United States are expensive and do not differ much from the cost of air tickets. Travel by rail is preferred by people who are not in a hurry and love romance. Travel on the train suits those who seek maximum impressions about the country. A number of railway companies have launched old trains as exhibits for excursions. Tourist trips are offered by national carriers: National Rail pass, Amtrak, West Rail pass. They also perform high-speed and freight transportation.
The US transport network can be seen on the railway map. This network does not cover all localities. In addition, flights to many cities are rarely performed. However, traveling by train across the US is very pleasant. The personnel of the railway sector provide decent quality of services. Passengers do not care about rest and food. On the railway routes in the western part of the country there are trains in the form of two-storey superliners. They are equipped with dining cars, lounges and other amenities. Many trains of the country attract tourists with antique design. Such trains are from the trains of the national company Amtrak.
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