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Visa to the UK.
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Urgent visa to England and other services of visa centers.
Urgent visas can be made to all visitors for 6 months. Urgently also issued student visas Tier 4, working visas Tier 5, resident visas to spouses and brides of British citizens.
The service for obtaining an urgent visa to England for visitors at us costs 55,00 rubles, including translations of all documents.
Urgent student visa Tier 4 – 8000 rubles.
Urgent working visas Tier 5 – 8000 rubles.
Urgent visa of the visitor bride – 10000 rubles.
Urgent visas for brides and wives for permanent residence – 17,000 rubles.
Urgent visa to the UK.
Service Priority, 160 00 rubles.
Funds for an urgent visa are paid in addition to the consular fee online after filing a questionnaire with the British Embassy.
Since June 24, 2015, the service is provided to applicants for permanent residence, the cost is 49,000 rubles.
VIP service in Moscow, 5500 rubles.
Paid in addition to the consular fee online.
Includes VIP services, personal service, drinks, the ability to use a copier and a computer, print mail.
The service is every day from 8.00 to 15.00, and does not affect the decision to issue a visa.
Service Without a passport, 45 00 rubles.
It is paid online in addition to the consular fee.
The Prime Time service is again available in Moscow on July 6, 2015, 6,700 rubles.
Paid online in addition to the consular.
The service can be canceled 24 hours before the time of recording. If you did not cancel the appointment, were late or arrived on another day, the money will not be returned.
The photo can be taken at the UK visa centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.