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A movie with a person wishing to go to Africa, a girl interested in several embassies.
Photo: TV Center Girl wishing to go to Africa.
Photo: TV Center A girl wishing to go to Africa in the embassy of Sierra Leone.
Photo: TV Center Girl wishing to go to Africa.
Photo: TV Center A girl wishing to go to Africa in the embassy of Rwanda.
Photo: TV Center Girl wishing to go to Africa.
I want to Africa! Four-year-old Muscovite Daniela, who declared her own father about the desire to go to the black continent, has every chance and really go on a long journey. The video, where the girl talks about Africa, has collected many views on the Internet. The ambassadors of several countries appreciated it. Now they call Daniela a visit.
A small family quarrel in a single cell of society led to terrific results, “TV Center” quoted. Four-year-old baby, not finding an understanding with her parents, threatened to leave for Africa. And, it does not matter how, on what & ndash; yes at least by taxi.
Then the events developed at lightning speed. The video got to the grandmother, she sent two girlfriends. Those posted on the Internet. Hundreds, thousands, then millions of views. As a result, the sweet little girl was invited to the embassy of Sierra Leone, for a reception on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Independence Day. News about this Daniela met with dignity. Of course, at the dinner table.
I’ll bring them a delicious milk and a cake. We’ll bake an apple cake. Come on, my mother and I will bake an apple cake. And we bring them cake and milk. And these flakes, “- said the girl to the parents.
The embassy did not want to take food & ndash; there and so well fed. True, during his first acquaintance with Africa, Daniela was not so talkative as at home. At first the situation was clearly strained. But as soon as the music began to sound like a young Muscovite and started dancing, the African drum almost took it out.
After such a reception, the talkative Daniela wants even more to move to Africa. In that she quickly finds there a common language and feeds everyone, there is no doubt. All the same Muscovite, from a decent family. It is a pity that her parents have other plans. They intend to develop their own blog on the Internet. Danya already has several thousand subscribers. Business is profitable & ndash; you can earn several hundred thousand dollars a month. In case the baby’s passion for Africa does not pass, and readers’ interest & ndash; to her lovely fads. If the southern continent does not grow together, Daniela has a spare plan.
“But I’ll go then to Lapland. To me bears ate, “- decided Daniela.
It remains only to wait for the invitation. From the Embassy of Finland. There, too, for sure, not bad fed.
Olga Streltsova, Andrei Sidorenko, & quot; TV Center & quot ;, Moscow.
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