Trump approved a sharp restriction of legal immigration in the United States.
President of the United States Donald Trump on Wednesday approved a sharp reduction in legal immigration. The corresponding bill was initiated by Republican senators David Purdue and Tom Cotton, reports
According to the document, legal immigration in the US should be cut in half. At the same time, current employment-based approaches, now, will be replaced by a system based on qualification & # 8221 ;. This means that the new immigration rules will give preference to those who speak English, and also has positive recommendations from previously occupied high-paying positions, is a highly skilled worker.
As for low-skilled workers, their immigration to the United States will be limited. Moreover, according to the bill, only close relatives of immigrants – spouses and underage children – will be able to obtain a residence permit in the United States. While more distant relatives and grown-up children can not expect to move to America.
Immigration will not be reduced at the same time, the program is designed for 10 years. Immigration reform as a basis accepts models already successfully used in Canada and Australia and sets a goal for itself. to create more favorable competitive conditions in the labor market for Americans. The most acute issue raised in the new bill was the abolition of the Green Card lottery, thanks to which 50,000 foreigners move to the United States every year.
Obtaining a green card under the new rules will be based on a point system, which will be evaluated according to the knowledge the applicant to receive it in English, the presence of his sought-after job skills, the availability of opportunities to financially support themselves and to support the family, etc. Experts vied with each other that the new immigration policy introduced by the bill would become a “big mistake”. According to a Washington Post poll conducted in July among 18 leading economists of the country, 89% of them believe that such measures will significantly slow down the country’s economic growth.
In other words, the reform will lead to exactly the opposite result from the planned by the White House. Earlier, in April, more than 1,400 economists sent a letter to the president, which also asked him not to cut legal immigration. To date, the unemployment rate in the US is at a minimum and is 4.4%. At the same time, the number of vacancies in the country is 5.7 million. Representatives of entrepreneurs say that it is very difficult to find employees for low-skilled and highly qualified positions. It is this fact that experts pay attention to.
With the reduction of legal immigration, more Americans will not find work for low-paid jobs, there will be a deficit that will inevitably lead to economic slowdown. Previously, such a deficit was successfully covered by immigrants, but now the problem will remain unresolved.