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A few years ago I suddenly had a free week in the middle of the year and suddenly I felt a terrible desire to change the situation a little and spend this time in some interesting place. But since the trip was absolutely unplanned, then it was unreal to realize it, it seemed to me. ”
In order to start exchanging houses, you need to find a site where there are already a large number of proposals from different countries and create on your site your profile with a story about your home and a convincing explanation why among the many other suggestions you should choose yours πŸ™‚
In total there are about 60 such sites. On the one hand it is, of course, great that we have such a choice, on the other hand, with the exact opposite: after all, the more choices, the more difficult it is to make it. . ”
Aussie House Swap is the most famous Australian home exchange site that was founded in 2003 by a family of local enthusiasts who are aware of the need for a local resource of this kind and managed to have a very positive impact on the development of the tourism exchange system in this region. To date, this site is considered the most successful club in the organization of holidays for the exchange of houses in the Australian region, as well as New Zealand. ”
Nowadays, round-the-world travel has long ceased to be perceived as something special and rare, but there are already many examples and when such visits to different countries and continents are carried out exclusively through the exchange of houses. Just about a month ago a family of school teachers from France and three of their young children went on such a trip. . ”
Is house exchange safe? How can I know if this is really the person for whom he claims to be? Will there be a house when I arrive there. ”
A wonderful review of β€œ15 alternatives to Airbnb” – I am sure that you are very surprised to read about how many ways there are (except home exchange) to find free accommodation in other countries. ”
– What kind of house (your house) would you like to exchange for? In what country, how does it look, why did you like it? Describe your house for exchange: how many rooms where located?
We exchanged from two different places: first, eight years ago, from Iceland – there we had an apartment in a fairly standard multi-apartment building. ”
So,, the site where I found my very first home exchanges, has since been one of my favorites πŸ™‚ Register (for free yet) your property on this popular site is very simple – for this you need to go to the Join section at the bottom of the main page. ”
When setting up your home or apartment for a holiday exchange site, you first need to be aware that you are entering into some sort of trade relationship with other members of this club for exchanging houses – for good reason, in discussions in English, many use the word trade , which means β€œtrade”, meaning β€œexchange.” . ”
I do not exaggerate at all if I say that the correct drawing up of a letter with the proposal to exchange houses (or apartments), which must be sent to members of the club (or clubs) for an exchange for vacation, living in the cities and countries of interest to you, is, in my opinion, the most An important link in the process of finding suitable options for you. . ”
International statistical study of the data of participants in the exchange of houses and their motivation. It was conducted by the University of Bergamo, Italy on the example of the home exchange questionnaire. This study is the first in-depth analysis of a rapidly evolving phenomenon, commonly referred to as β€œhouse swapping.” ”
How and why did I decide to turn to the idea of house exchange? It was in March 2007. By that time we had already moved for two years from Amsterdam to Reykjavik and, in principle, recognizing that both this city and the country are quite interesting, beautiful and very comfortable for life, after all. ”
In 1990, Lauren K. wanted to take her children to Europe, but so to do without robbing a bank in Monte Carlo. She read an article in one magazine about the exchange of houses and she liked this idea. I had to convince my then-husband, but in the end everything led to their first exchange in an ordinary-looking town not far from London. ”
As it was very accurately noted by American Lauren K., who for more than sixty exchanges throughout the world has committed more than 60 exchanges around the world, β€œanyone who considers himself an expert in the exchange of houses represents first of all only his personal experience.” Therefore, I find her β€œ20 tips” very useful, where she shares some of her negative impressions, saying that not all. ”
Room4exchange is the only house exchange service dedicated to those who do not live in separate houses or apartments, but shares their living space with someone else – for example, renting a separate room or living in a hostel. This concept makes it possible to exchange houses for those who could not otherwise use it. . ”
I decided to look for an exchange of houses in more or less well-known cities in the north of Europe, where I was not yet, but I definitely planned to visit them in one way or another. One of these cities was Bruges. ”
As it often happens, the lack of inexpensive direct flights makes it necessary to stop at some major traffic junction, one of which is Milan. Quick search options for how to get us from London to the south of Sicily showed the availability of a lot of very cheap flights. ”
The idea to go to the exchange of houses in Lausanne was, as usual, quite incidentally. ”
Thanks to the presence of a very active eleven-year-old boy, we visited in Lausanne almost all the famous local parks – Mon Repos, Sauvabelin, Vallee de la Jeunessese. In the first of them, where we accidentally went in one of the days, walking through the center of the city I remember most of all the numerous species. ”
Jazz festival, Montreux Palace and the monument to Vladimir Nabokov, a promenade by the lake, a monument to Freddie Mercury, the Catholic temple of Sacre-C ur, a trip by train to the mountains, vineyards and cows, Chateau le Chatelard, streets of the old city, an unexpected find on the grave of Nabokov. ”
The story of how we decided to go to the station the shortest way through the vineyards, but there were too many of them. and they were so beautiful that they had to return to them the next day on a tourist train and take part in the wine tasting of this region. ”
Like every Russian, I always had a dream to visit Nice. Of course, the entire Azure Coast has already been deeply mythologized in my mind ever since the first memories of Russian emigration in France began, but it was Nice. ”
So, where did we find the sandy beach closest to our house in Nice? Of course, in Villefranche-sur-Mer! I’m very glad that in Nice itself, with beach rest, we did not get anything – otherwise, perhaps we would be too lazy to drop in specially to a little-known town. ”
As I mentioned in the beginning, Martin worked as a professor of astronomy at the University of Nice and left for us a flyer with the announcement of a meeting of local lovers of celestial observation in the park of Mont-Caron and his portable telescope, which, in his opinion, might be useful to us there . ”
Inspired by our first two trips to the exchange of houses in London, after returning home to Reykjavik, I immediately began to figure out where else to go on an exchange of houses. In a very natural way, my choice fell on Italy and, above all, on Rome – after all all my acquaintances, except me, visited there! . ”
Until the next contest in Frascati there was still some time and we decided that we managed to call in a couple of days to Naples. First, I did not want to return to Rome on the same road, and secondly, it was, of course, interesting to see the most important city in southern Italy. ”
From Naples to Rome, we arrived already in the evening. At the exit from Termymi station Maria was waiting for us (with her family we agreed on the β€œexchange of houses”: they had to come to Reykjavik three months later). She spoke good English. ”
The small town of Frascati in the vicinity of Rome does not enjoy, as it seemed to me, the same popularity among tourists as, say, Tivoli or Bracciano and if not for our event (children’s music competition), for which the whole trip was supposed to have been started. ”
Recently we returned to Europe from our annual trip to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, they say, the largest city of the entire Southern Hemisphere. By the numerous requests of friends and acquaintances, I will try to write brief notes about my impressions about this city. ”
A few months after our move to Tallinn, my husband received an invitation to a conference in St. Petersburg and this time we decided to go there all together. On one of the sites for the exchange of houses, we found several families who agreed to change with us. ”
Why most of our exchanges were with London? In addition to being a city that I really like and where some of my friends live with whom I always enjoy spending time, while we lived in Iceland, it almost always lay on our path wherever we went. ”
Maidenhead is a small town, founded in the XIII century (and the mention of the settlement in its place dates back to the V-VI centuries), located on the right bank of the Thames. This river played a major role in its development – first built a pier, then a bridge, a railway and, ultimately, Heathrow :-). ”
A few days ago was the birthday of Terry W., the same Anglican pastor who offered us – if we do not find an β€œexchange of houses” with someone else in London – stay for two weeks in their house about which the site was told that it is unique in its kind. ”
Perlan – a grand futuristic building, somewhat reminiscent of the intergalactic flying saucer – where we accidentally skidded on that distant February day, was one of our most favorite places in this city. ”
Recently I was asked a question – how can I synchronize the time frame for the exchange of houses? On this occasion, I decided to write the story of our trip to Amsterdam for an exchange with Frank and Yulanda. As usual, like thunder from the blue. ”
So, as it was said before, it was the suburbs of Lausanne that made our trip on the exchange of houses there the brightest and most memorable. We visited almost all of them, both in the west and east of the city, but there was another town, which every day more and more. ”
Having lived in the Czech Republic for about six months and having seen enough different interesting towns and castles located within an hour or two drive from the house, we finally decided that it was time to get acquainted with other areas of this beautiful country. The main purpose of the trip is Lake Lipno in southern Bohemia. ”
Among several options of how to get to the castle Hluboka above Vltava several times mentioned the opportunity to ride up to him on a bicycle from the town of Ceske Budejovice along the picturesque plains lying along the river. This proposal looked rather tempting ”