Traveling with a dog to Montenegro.
Traveling with pets to other countries is quite a busy occupation, you will need to complete the necessary documents, all the necessary vaccinations, as well as additional costs, if you move by public transport or by plane. No exception is the journey to Montenegro with the dog. So that you can successfully cross the border with the dog, you need to issue a package of documents.
Documents required for traveling with a dog to Montenegro.
So that you can successfully cross the border of Montenegro with your dog, you should correctly draw up all the documents for the animal. Here is the necessary list:
international passport for a pet; vaccination against rabies. Such vaccination is valid for one year, but not earlier than 30 days from the moment of vaccination, in this period the dog is being quarantined; A special chip that is planted in a dog. It is worth to clarify that vaccination and vaccination should be carried out after chipping the dog; a mark in the dog’s passport about taking the anthelmintic preparation with the date. The mark is valid for 3 days; veterinary certificate for the animal; specify if you do not need permission to export your pet from the country, this applies to valuable breeds of dogs.
How to get to Montenegro with a dog?
If with your dog you plan to go on vacation to Montenegro on your own car, then this option will be the least troublesome. You just need to complete all the necessary documents for it. The only point is the passage of customs, here you have to go through veterinary control, and the time of the passage itself will increase. To minimize it, ask the border guard how best to go through customs with the dog.
If you decide to fly an airplane with a dog, then ask the airline if it agrees to hold your pet and what the requirements will be. About booking tickets you should take care in advance, as many airlines carry dogs are possible, but not more than two for one flight, but it needs to be clarified. There is also a restriction on the transport of dogs in the cabin by the weight of the animal.
Dogs on the plane must be transported in a special container, to which special requirements are imposed. It should be waterproof and have a moisture absorbing litter, the dog should stand in it in full growth, and lie free with outstretched front paws, the container should be well ventilated, and some other requirements.
For the flight with the dog you will have to pay extra, and the amount of payment will depend on the total weight of the animal and the container. You should come to the airport in advance and before the registration, and go to the service of veterinary control for obtaining permission to export the animal.
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