Topic: Vnzh in Bulgaria.
The minimum wage and pension in Bulgaria.
This information is needed to calculate the amount in the bank statement for submission to the Bulgarian migration authorities.
The independent order of the certificate of the BCCI in Bulgaria on the new requirements of 2017.
Order a certificate without assistance from the & # 8211; not as difficult as it may seem.
How to change the address and add / write representatives.
Change of representation, address, phone, email & # 8211; pressing questions for foreigners in Bulgaria.
Check the number of representatives and the frequency of their change.
Recently, cases of thoughtless (and even insane) inscription of representatives in representations, their subsequent discharge after receipt of residence permit and entry of other representatives have become frequent. What this “leapfrog” will lead to is not difficult to guess.
Samples of the work plan of the mission and the justification for registration of the representation.
We publish sample samples of documents. Documents in such volume and content at the time of August 2017 are arranged by the BCCI.
New requirements when ordering the certificate of the BCCI.
In accordance with the new requirements of the Aliens Act as well as the explanations to the law and the internal document of the BCCI regulating the issuance of certificates, it is impossible to obtain the BCCI certificate required to obtain a visa D or to obtain / extend a residence permit from June 29, 2017 without providing a number of documents to the BCCI.
Residence permit in Bulgaria for students.
If you are ready to study in Bulgaria, you can obtain a residence permit on this basis. More information about the documents and procedure.
The residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of an employment contract.
If you want to get a residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of a labor contract, then this article ” for you.
The new law on foreigners in Bulgaria. Transition period.
What’s new in working with foreigners? What will happen next?
Extract from the registry with delivery to Bulgaria.
Order and delivery to Bulgaria of an extract about the current state of the company.
Amendment of the Aliens Act in Bulgaria 02/12/2016.
On December 2, 2016, amendments were made to the law on foreigners in Bulgaria. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most important.
Entering the sales office in Bulgaria.
This article will be especially relevant if the changes in the law on foreigners, nevertheless, will be applied in the migration departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the same scheme that is preliminarily processed by the consular services of Bulgaria.
Filing for a residence permit in Bulgaria.
This material is intended for those who are going to apply for residence permits in Bulgaria, for the first time or to extend their residence permit.
Do I need an address registration in Bulgaria, in fact?
Many questions arise about the need for address registration. Here we publish our entry on the forum which was written earlier.
What do they talk about during the interview in migration?
People who successfully received a visa D and who came to Bulgaria to apply for residence permit are often concerned about rumors about an upcoming conversation with the migration authorities. Let’s take a look at what is going to be done for you, and is there anyway?
On the new requirements of consulates when applying for a visa D.
It would seem that this news concerns the Bulgarian Consulate, but not the migration departments in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, we recommend closely monitoring the practice of consulates, which, in our opinion, may soon be implemented in the work and on the territory of Bulgaria.
On possible changes in the law on foreigners 2016.
Watching the near-panic reaction of foreigners living in Bulgaria, we have long thought that around the topic of changes in the law, speculation will necessarily begin.
Changes in the operation of the registry & Bulstat & # 8221;
Once we wrote about the planned changes in the Bulstat registry. Since the beginning of May 2016, the register of Bulstat & # 8221; began to work on the new system. This was expected after the new year, but it happened only now. This applies to all subjects of registration in Bulstat. Changes 1. The register, as well as the Registry of the Agency for Inscription, is now common to the whole of Bulgaria. That is, & hellip;
Residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of marriage with a Bulgarian citizen.
Residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of marriage to a citizen / citizen of Bulgaria. Perhaps there is nothing to add, and we suggest that you read the list of documents for this reason.
Residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of hiring ten employees.
Mathematics, reflections and conclusions on hiring ten citizens of Bulgaria for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria.
Residence permit in Bulgaria for free practice & # 8221;
Is it worth trying to get a residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of “Free Practice & # 8221 ;?
Residence permit in Bulgaria for representation (infographic)
Residence permit for representation in a simple scheme.
Foreign residence in Bulgaria correspondents of foreign media.
Another way to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. Is it worth trying?
Residence permit in Bulgaria for the purchase of real estate in the amount of 600 000 leva.
In connection with the soonest possible changes in the legislation, those wishing to acquire the status of residence permit in Bulgaria, there were questions about how still it is possible to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria.
The validity of the foreign passport for a visa D and residence permit in Bulgaria.
How do the migration authorities assess the readiness of your foreign passport to apply for a visa and residence permit.