Top-10 reasons why it’s not worth moving to Australia & quot;
Australia, despite regular 1st places in various quality of life ratings, is not deprived of shortcomings. It’s time to dilute that luscious oil for Australia, which my friends on Facebook have to endure for 3 months already.
Australia, uniquely, inspired the screenwriters film Arachnophobia. From morning till night you can observe various reptiles. And if you are not an insect specialist, in your imagination they are all ideal candidates for the role of the protagonist in the telecast “The most terrible killers of Australia”
Having moved to a private house, you are doomed to a ceaseless struggle against the invasions of some uninvited guests, then others. Each week, one of the members of the family with a screaming “Daddy, go here faster” will signal about another discovery in the field of insectology.
In the center of the city, in the apartment, the situation is a little better, but arachnophobes are still not recommended to relax.
According to statistics, of course, since 1981, no deaths have been recorded in Australia from a bite of spiders, but even a non-fatal case can hardly be called a pleasant adventure.
2. Throughout his life, Jamshut.
At school I was always among the excellent students in English, all my life I worked in foreign companies and from the lack of practice of English I did not suffer. I read tons of technical literature and blogs in English. Twice I passed the IELTS and in principle I can even be proud of my 8.0 for the last attempt. But with all this, I still feel a bit defective in terms of language.
It is possible to learn a foreign language for a very long time and persistently, but it turned out that most of life experience has already been received not in English and is in some kind of friendly dialogue with a colleague touching a new topic for me (for example, kitchen utensils or architecture, believe me ) and I begin to feel weak-minded, who is unable to express even the simplest idea.
Especially strongly suffers a sense of humor when translated into a foreign language. If you are used to being the soul of a company, you could elegantly express your idea by adding it with a subtle joke, then forget about it, at least for the next few years. Even if you know English well, your jokes will often not come in unison with the local cultural context.
In principle, language learning fits into the general rule of 80/20 – you spend 20 percent of the time to learn the first 80%, but for the last 20% of the language you have to spend 80% of the time. There are, of course, unique people who easily grasp the new language and its nuances, but that’s why they are unique.
In my first article about Australia, I already talked about prices, but I think it’s worth repeating. Prices once again show how he is this brutal grin of capitalism.
It is necessary to pay for everything, however as well as at home. But the Australian life, first, includes many new unexpected aspects of costs, and secondly, the prices are much higher.
For example, car insurance can easily cost $ 1000. Add to this an annual tax of one thousand dollars and compulsory inspections, and that’s another 600-800 dollars. That is, the minimum cost of ownership of a car easily crosses for $ 200 per month, even if you have not once in a year this car is not started.
Do you think “Fig with this car – I will go by public transport”? Do you want to buy yourself an annual travel card only for a train (for trains and ferries you will need separate travel cards) and only, for example, for trips between the 1st and 3rd zones? Be kind enough to pay 1600 dollars. And it’s still inexpensive, because if you buy a week-pass, then over a year will be more than 2000.
Did not apply for private medical insurance after you turned 30? The state will gladly increase your income tax by another 1%. At the same time, a more or less decent insurance for a family will cost $ 150-200 per month.
And God forbid you decide to put a dental implant. In Astana, for the same money, you can put 5 implants.
In general, there are enough surprises and constantly have to adjust your budget.
Ultra-hyperactive sun of Australia works as a powerful heating device. It is worth it to get out from behind the clouds, as you immediately begin to feel like a piece of meat on the grill, even if only a couple of minutes ago you were cold. Not surprisingly, Australians occupy the first place in the world in the number of skin cancer diseases.
True, I suspect that most of this affects the descendants of whitish Englishmen, even with such a sun manage to remain pale.
5. New Year without snow.
Hundreds and thousands of people leave the snow-covered Kazakhstani lands to celebrate the New Year on the beach and return to the envy of all colleagues by glowing with a matt tan.
At the same time, people who have come to Australia for the New Year are embarrassed to admit to themselves that, without snow, the New Year is somehow not real. All, of course, beautifully decorated, salutes are stunning, but there is a feeling that the whole country is trying to withstand a good face in a bad game. And it seems to me that when everyone diverges from the festive table to their beds, each little girl is sad about the snow crunching under her feet, about the bathhouse on a frosty day, about the ice slides and castles. And even those Australians in the third generation that never saw snow on a New Year’s Eve restlessly tossed about in their sleep, tormented by genetic nostalgia for a winter fairy tale.
The views of most of the citizens of the post-Soviet countries can be greatly saddened by the number of freaks and people of non-traditional sexual orientation. A man firmly convinced that with the “blue contagion” to be tolerated in no case is doomed to defeat in Australia. If you are not ready to reconsider your views on many things, if your contemptuous “tolerance” often comes off your lips, then I’m afraid you will be very uncomfortable in Australia.
Fans just swim along the coast in quiet and warm ocean waves in Australia have nothing to do, unlike lovers of surfing. The waves here almost never abate, and instead of quiet floundering everyone is amused by jumping on the waves.
Water, despite the year-round summer is not at all “fresh milk.” At best, the water temperature approaches Issyk-Kul.
On the beaches are regularly posted warnings about sharks or jellyfish, and underwater currents are terribly dangerous-our friend who literally just arrived in Sydney has already managed to appreciate the quality work of Australian rescuers when she began to carry away from the shore in front of an unsuspecting husband.
Here, of course, is not Canada, which has very actively collected quality immigrants from around the world, but nevertheless the level of competition in the labor market is much higher than Kazakhstan. Good specialists in Kazakhstan are very capricious and selective. Immediately, even if you are good and talented, you can always find a replacement quickly enough.
After you find a job, everyone usually says “Lucky” and congratulate you as if you have a name day.
9. Australia is the ass of the world.
You can not fly home from here. A clean flight time from Astana to Sydney leaves about 19 hours. This is not Europe, where you can cross three borders even by car in 3 hours.
I want to gather around big relatives around all close relatives, but with such distances it is very expensive and uneasy pleasure.
Value for money and local Internet grieve. After a couple of months in Sydney, Kazakhtelecom seems to me just an ideal provider.
A pitiful 30 bucks for a real “anlim” is at the same time a Kazakhstani reality and a distant Australian future.
The list is far from complete and unique. At you it can appear absolutely other and is longer than time in ten. So enjoy what you have now and let us bear the bowl of Australian difficulties for all Kazakhstanis 🙂