Top 10 countries for permanent residence. And not one of your favorite!
Travel Channel compiled a list of the top 10 countries for at least temporary residence. It is based on the reviews of the most experienced travelers and downshifters.
If you work remotely, then you can easily afford to live six months, say, in Thailand. Or not, Thailand is not on the list.
Yes? And the people you meet every day, smile? Your environment plays a big role in your mood.
If happy people live around you, you too will become a little more satisfied with life.
Below is a list of countries that, according to the reviews of expats and travelers, are the happiest in the world.
10. El Salvador.
Despite the fact that this country is surrounded by Guatemala and Mexico, so popular with tourists, the inhabitants of El Salvador are satisfied with what they have.
Therefore, here are always friendly neighbors, full of comfort for gourmet, many beautiful scenery and beaches nearby.
Until recently, it was bad with crime, but now its level has fallen dramatically. Do not think in stereotypes.
This people carries an entrepreneurial spirit and a search for new opportunities, like nobody else, writes Forbes, which creates an excellent environment for small business in Sweden.
To run here something like a coffee house, it will take quite a bit of money and time.
A high level of interpersonal trust and individualistic social culture contribute to the fact that in this country it is comfortable to live all its inhabitants.
Would not you ever be happy if you lived on an island surrounded by the largest barrier reef in the world and led a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle? Is not this an ideal climate?
These are the benefits that the inhabitants of Belize always enjoy, every day. In addition, against the background of other countries nearby, Belize is famous for its cultural diversity.
Here you will not get bored. And this is a great place for a happy and harmonious life. Of course, not poor.
7. The Netherlands.
There has always been a strong labor market and a good balance between work and life.
The Dutch consider themselves to be one of the happiest people quite deservedly: according to Bloomberg rating, the country has a level of satisfaction of its citizens with its life in 9 out of 10.
6. Colombia.
Colombia is the second country in terms of the number of national holidays in the world. All this creates an atmosphere of some kind of continuous carnival, so there will not be time for despondency.
The country is famous for its variety of products and nature: there are wonderful natural ecosystems in several climatic zones: here are authentic tropical forests, savannas, steppes, deserts and mountains.
This people is on the first place in the world in terms of personal freedoms and on the third – according to the level of education, says Forbes. What makes this country happy?
Long average life expectancy, high average incomes of the population, reliable social ties.
It’s amazing, but the fact is: cold winter weather makes people support each other and strong friendship. So there are so many smiling people here.
Think Thailand is a country of smiles, the happiest country in Asia? Not at all. Vietnam is the happiest country on the continent.
Its population is steadily growing, the country has become a major tourist center – and has been going on for 20 years.
Vietnamese appreciate what they have, and therefore are happy inside, not outside.
Plus, the country offers you a variety: quiet beaches, noisy Asian cities, excellent food wherever you are.
When the UN conducted its study in 2013 to identify the happiest country in the world, then the winner was named Denmark.
The Huffington Post writes that Denmark has a very strong family institution, a stable relationship with parents. It often happens that grandfathers, their children and grandchildren go on vacation together.
Here is a wonderful free medicine – this is the basic right of citizens. In the priority – gender equality.
Cycling is a long time ago, citizens feel the need to help each other. Put it all together – and you will get a happy country.
2. Norway.
This Scandinavian country is No. 1 in the overall ranking of the Legacy Index of Prosperity. In 2013, she topped this rating for the fifth time.
It ranks first in the world in terms of the level of development of social services. Here, the world’s largest GDP per capita – $ 53 thousand per year. And the most just system of distribution of finance in the world.
95% of Norwegians say they are satisfied with their level of freedom. 74% say they have people they can rely on.
1. Costa Rica.
Travel Channel calls Costa Rica the happiest country on Earth.
The average life expectancy in this country is 79.3 years. They always live in a very beautiful natural environment – this will improve the mood of anyone.
There are a lot of great beaches, volcanoes, tropical forests. And great weather almost the whole year.
The favorite expression of Costa Ricans is “Pura Vida”, which means: “Life is good!”.