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The best city for living in Bulgaria.
It happens that we want to relax a little, and we are going to Bourgas. The 4th largest city in Bulgaria, the road to which from our Pomorie takes only 20 minutes.
Back in 2008, when I first came to Bourgas, he produced the impression of a large but not very well-groomed industrial center and looked like provincial Russian cities of the 1990s. A patched, patched asphalt on the central street, beautiful old houses that have not seen the repair almost from the time of their construction, there is nowhere to sit down to rest. It took little more than three years & # 8211; and now Burgas does not know. He is so pleased that tourists put him on a par with the most famous cities of Old Europe.
Miracles do not happen & # 8211; they are made by people. In 2009 the municipality of Burgas was headed by a new mayor & # 8211; Mr. Nikolov, a young man full of strength, energy and plans, and most importantly, “# 8211; passionately fond of his city. And the city began to change before our eyes. In 2010, Bourgas won the competition “The Best City for Living in Bulgaria”. The city received European investments, new kindergartens appeared, 80% of schools were repaired, all bus stops were replaced, and the bus fleet was completely renewed. Changed the central street of the city & # 8211; Alexandrovskaya, younger and more affectionate Seaside Park, which stretches along the sea for several kilometers.
It is not boring in Burgas. The annual music festival Spirit of Burgas is one of the ten best music festivals in the world. It hosts a unique for Bulgaria Sand Sculpture Festival, an international Folklore Festival with the participation of Russian groups and many other events. Burgas in the summer & # 8211; the most interesting city.
New Year’s dress Burgas tried on long before the New Year’s Eve. The fact is that in Bulgaria, although Orthodoxy, but there are some differences from the usual dates and ceremonies. So, the celebration of Christmas in Bulgaria is held simultaneously with Catholic Europe, on the night of 24th to 25th December. This evening the Bulgarians spend with the family. And on New Year’s Eve fill restaurants and cafes, gather friends, at midnight the sky lights up with hundreds of firework lights. There are many people on the streets, but no drunken or overly noisy companies are visible anywhere.
But the television New Year in Bulgaria is very modest, however, as elsewhere in Europe. Still, have fun as much as in Russia, can not anywhere. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve, we watched only Russian television.
And on the 1st of January we walked along Burgas and admired his evening festive attire.
Come to Bourgas and share our admiration for this old and young city, which, according to the mzra, transforms every visitor into his friend. # 8221;
The article uses materials and a photo from the magazine “Bulgarian House” # 8221;
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