To move to Korea
Until now, the accused in the murder of the co-owner of the Istanbul market, General Samson Kutateladze, has not been detained.
Will put drug addicts in Georgia: finalizing the bill.
A softening of the state policy towards drug users in Georgia is not planned in the near future, an interdepartmental commission under the leadership of Justice Minister Thea Tsulukiani has come to this conclusion.
The Colonners.
Kote Ingorokva.
Mariam Saradzhishvili.
Ekaterina Mikaridze.
Gogi Vardzieli.
The issue of softening drug policy in Georgia should be postponed, as it requires a particularly serious approach and careful consideration, political analyst Nika Chitadze said.
In Korea, with open arms await Russian athletes, said the president of the Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia Nikolay Dolgopolov.
Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov commented on the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Moscow will pay special attention to monitoring developments in the post-Soviet space and in neighboring countries, considering them spheres of influence.
Head of the Center for the Russian Strategy in Asia at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Georgy Toloraya commented on the latest developments in relations between the DPRK and South Korea.
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Picture of the day.
Snowfall and avalanche in Davos: the resort is waiting for world leaders.
The visitor of the bank was wounded during the robbery.
The rate of the GEL on Tuesday is 2,534 GEL / $ 1.
Georgia is ready to host the Winter Olympic Games.
The cave of Navainhevi will receive the first visitors in the spring.
The dead herd of sheep was found in the Rustavi forest.
A new flyover will be built in Tbilisi.
The winner of Eurovision 2017 commented on the choice of Georgia.
The new chairman of the PACE was a socialist from Italy.
Anti-terrorist operation in Georgia: courts and arrests.
Mitigation of drug policy in Georgia.
Election of the President of Georgia 2018.
Orbit Sputnik.
More than a third of the total volume of non-oil products produced in Azerbaijan is sent to Russia: at the head of all – tomatoes.
London “Arsenal” enthusiastically greeted Henrik Mkhitaryan on his official website and pages in social networks.
Why the European Union could not achieve the goal and reduce dependence on Russian gas, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said.
Lithuanian servicemen-militiamen staged a fight at the US military base Hohenfels in Germany during the exercises “Allied spirit.”
Because of the unregulated and volatile market, the largest Nordic bank Nordea has banned from trading.
For about an hour the lobby of the Minsk metro station “Kamennaya Gorka” was closed due to an orphan bag found there.
Journey to Georgia.
In Georgia, shot 10 episodes of the rating Dutch reality show.
Chiatura is the city of the future from the past.
Georgia is waiting for more tourists from China.
The most interesting.
Georgian cuisine: not only tasty, but also beautiful.
For whom are the residents of Georgia ready to vote?
Tamara Gverdtsiteli: my whole life is a Georgia film.
The cigarettes sold in Georgia will be checked in the laboratory.
Named the top 10 Georgian athletes in non-Olympic sports.
Driving license in Georgia – step-by-step instruction.
“Tyubeteyki” from Tbilisi: works of Georgian masters in Moscow.
As the military aircraft landed directly on the road near Rostov.
Lavrov: The European Union is ready for a dialogue with the Eurasian Economic Community.
Popular economy.
Georgians abroad.
Georgia through the eyes of foreigners.
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