To move to Germany, you need to know German right away or you can teach there?
Without knowledge of German for residence in Germany will not be admitted, this is one of the basic requirements, even if the applicant has German roots.
The level of knowledge of AE should be at least A1 (for Germans by birth, for reunited family members), for training – individually, depends on the university, but not lower than B1.
Interested in advising you to look at the website of the German consulate, for example, in Moscow.
It is not necessary to know German at first, it can be learned from the inhabitants with time. Most likely, you will need good knowledge of English, if you plan to go there. Each educated German speaks two languages: German and English.
Read the reviews and you will understand that it is better to go already with the knowledge of German. And not on the spot to teach him or even the mistake of thinking that English will help you there. I knew it very well and when I realized that the move was still foreseen, I began to look for a school or German language courses. A friend advised the school of foreign languages Yazykoved-I, namely the teacher Sakaeva Anastasia Vladimirovna. Especially for immigrants to another country, she teaches at a special rate, in-depth study only topics that are particularly needed at first time. Even if I did not have time to practice, Anastasia herself came to the house. The school has such a service that it is very convenient. Therefore, I will go to Germany with a good level of German.
it is better to learn in practice in practice here you will learn only the theory that you will hardly apply on the spot there you will be able to learn immediately colloquial speech slang of local residents it will be faster the more German is not very difficult with two rules.
English will come down and I advise you to look at the nuances of emigration, as for the Russian it is written more lines.