To marry a foreigner. USA.
Marriage to a New World person is an American dream for many girls. True, for a happy union, one love is not enough. Before you fly across the ocean, you have to solve a lot of procedures for processing documents. Specialists of the La Strada Program analyze the main nuances of marriage in the United States.
The United States of America is a large country, and most often the registration authority in each state establishes its list of necessary documents. But a number of requirements for the pair in most states is similar. Persons who have reached the age of 18 and who do not suffer from mental disorders who can not make an informed choice can marry. In some states, the minimum age for marriage is slightly higher: in Nebraska, for example, it is 19 years, and in Mississippi – 21 years.
With regard to immigration on the basis of marriage, it consists of several stages, each of which requires careful preparation.
The bride’s visa is the hassle of a couple.
In order to register a marriage in the United States, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is necessary to be legally in the territory of the country, so a future wife will need a visa of the bride (type K1). On issues of obtaining a visa K1, citizens of Belarus can apply to the US Embassy in Warsaw.
Here is a step-by-step algorithm of actions for issuing a bride’s visa.
1. Submission of immigration petition.
The whole process begins with the fact that the groom from the US sends an immigration petition (I-129F fiance (e) petition) to the Citizenship and Immigration Service of the US Department of Homeland Security at the place of residence.
2. Medical examination.
After approval of the immigration petition, the future spouse will have to undergo a medical examination in Belarus or Poland. The only center in Belarus where you can go through this procedure is the International Organization for Migration’s Migration Department. The service is chargeable.
3. Submission of documents for a visa.
The petition for approval of the petition contains a list of documents for processing an application for a visa. Candidates are usually asked to provide:
A pre-filled online questionnaire in the English language DS-160 and a confirmation page (Confirmation page) in printed form. Passport (as well as a copy of the last page). Birth certificate. In the presence of previous marriages – confirmation of their cancellation. A certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record. If a visa applicant was previously charged with committing any crime, then a certified copy of all court decisions should be sent to the embassy, regardless of the outcome (amnesty, justification, pardon). A certificate of medical examination. Two photos. In some cases, it may be necessary to prove the relationship with the US citizen who filed the petition (for example, joint photo or electronic correspondence). Payment of consular fees. Documents on the state of financial affairs of an American who filed a petition: for example, a copy of tax returns for the past year or bank statements.
The documents received in Belarus must be legalized by affixing the stamp “Apostille”, translated into English and notarized.
The exact list of documents must be specified directly from representatives of the embassy.
The bride’s visa is valid for 90 days. This is the time it takes for a couple to legitimize relations. If a foreign partner stays in the United States, but does not legally marry an American citizen who sponsored a K-1 visa, or marries another partner, then the conditions for issuing a visa will be considered to be violated. Thus, the legal status will be lost, and the offender will be deported with subsequent sanctions.
For the wedding ceremony, it is necessary to take care of issuing a marriage permit (the so-called marriage license) in the city hall or district court in advance. To do this, the newlyweds apply, attaching documents confirming their identity, and pay a fee: about 20 – 100 dollars.
A solemn ceremony is held by a separate specialist whose official position depends on the particular region. In Virginia, for example, the re-registering priest, rebbe or marriage registrar is required to undergo an authorization procedure by the Federal District Court.
Sometimes the newlyweds are allowed to paint their close friends. For these purposes, an online permit is required to carry out the procedure for legalizing relations. Formalities can be formalized in the appropriate organizations: for example, Universal life Church or American Marriage Ministries.
Often at a wedding, witnesses must be present. If there are no suitable candidates for the couple, clerks will be able to cope with this role with a monetary reward.
How to recognize a marriage in Belarus?
Legislation on the territory of a foreign state must be recognized as valid in Belarus. To do this, it will be necessary to legalize the certificate of marriage registration by putting an apostille in the United States. Then in Belarus it is necessary to make a certified translation into Russian / Belarusian and present a legalized and translated marriage certificate to the registry office at the place of registration in Belarus.
In the registry office will make a note, and the passport will put a seal on the registration of marriage. Only from this moment the union will be considered recognized in Belarus.
It should be noted that the visa of the bride is not immigration, therefore, after the marriage, the newly-made wife is recommended to send an application for registration as a permanent resident of the United States (LPR) or an application for revision of the status (Form I-485). The application is accepted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service of the US Department of Homeland Security.
Then, from the status of the “bride of a US citizen”, the spouse will become a “conditional permanent US citizen”. A few months later, the US Immigration Center will receive notification of the interview. Such a verification is carried out in order to verify the reality of the concluded union.
Punishment for a fictitious marriage.
Foreigners who intentionally entered into a fictitious marriage will be deported from the country. In addition, in the future they may be denied immigration benefits in the US. A fictitious marriage is also punishable by imprisonment for up to 5 years and a fine, the amount of which can reach 250 thousand dollars.
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