To leave to study: November.
Another 7 opportunities to escape from the autumn melancholy: the art residence in the Center for Contemporary Art, two photo contests, scholarships for art historians and researchers, a program on social entrepreneurship and several other opportunities to give yourself a new start.
Art-residence in the Center for Contemporary Art YARAT.
Where: Baku, Azerbaijan.
Deadline: October 30, 2017.
Under the terms of the program, the selected artists will be able to live in Baku for three months (paid for the road, housing, local transportation and scholarships), explore the region, meet with local and foreign artists. The participation of artists who use an interdisciplinary approach and are interested in the Caucasus region is welcomed. At the end of the residence, artists must demonstrate the work they have created.
International educational seminar on advertising.
Where: Potsdam, Germany.
When: November 17-24, 2017.
Deadline: November 1, 2017.
Discussion of modern advertising, its influence on media and peace in an international company from the Germans, Poles and Belarusians. Meeting for those who are going to fearlessly combat stereotypes and language of hostility and create interesting and socially responsible advertising. To participate, you must be aged 18-25, know English and pay 50% of travel expenses.
Study of the Renaissance.
Deadline: November 15, 2017.
Researchers studying the influence of the Renaissance period on the development of the society of the XIX-XXI centuries (art, architecture, music, philosophy, religion, science) can develop their work in Italy within 4-6 months, using local libraries and art collections. The program includes a scholarship and a grant to pay for housing, you need to have a PhD for participation.
Scholarships for academic exchanges.
When: from 10 to 24 months in 2018-2019.
Deadline: November 15, 2017.
The DAAD program will allow you to obtain a master’s degree from a German university, and if you are already attending a Master’s degree program & ndash; you can get a scholarship for the second year of study. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree, confirmation from a German university, motivation, recommendation and knowledge of German or English.
Program on social entrepreneurship.
When: January-May 2018.
Deadline: November 15th.
If you have a social business (or at least its idea), innovative solutions that are just waiting to be applied, the desire to resolve conflicts and build a fair relationship & ndash; To you here. The program in Stockholm promises to give participants both motivation, and individual support, and tools for developing professional skills.
Photo Contest National Geographic.
When: December 1-11.
Deadline: November 17th.
Do you get great photos? It’s time to show them to the whole world! The theme of the National Geographic Nature Photographer & ndash; stories about nature and the environment. You can win in one of several categories: wildlife, landscape, life under water, air element. There is also a prize of audience sympathy. Grand Prix & ndash; $ 7500 and publication in the magazine. Participation paid & ndash; $ 15.
Competition and festival for photographers.
Where: Lodz, Poland.
When: June 2018.
Deadline: November 27, 2017.
Photofestival in the Polish city of Lodz is held since 2001 on the initiative of students and teachers of the sociology department. Photographers of any country in the world have a chance to show their work for 20,000 visitors and get a �; 2500 grand prix. To participate, you must submit your project (10-20 photos) of any subject. True, participation in the competition is paid & ndash; & euro; 25.
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