To leave to live in Kiev
And I do not like tsyfry since childhood.
otozh. And I love them on the contrary. With ������ any Olympiads and any such �����. All tsuko phones in the head remember and the number of the passport and the code of the credit card number and the dead do something else. It’s by the way annoying my wife for some reason.
Yes ! I live well in Kiev! Although I probably do not quite in Kiev. I’m in Gorenka.
I have more than 5 days of births and 5 phones can not remember, but everything else (functions, descriptions, characteristics of iron, etc.) is quite normal.
Some sort of selective memory.
He is angry and says that I do not care at all do not remember.
Although I’m not a billionaire, well, at least for the time being, and there’s enough domestic garbage in life. To complain to me is really sinful. It’s warm, light, in the refrigerator (or, more precisely, in two), in any factory / factory / office and other work for a salary of three kopecks do not work. (For the presence of several huts in Kiev and country “villa” in I’ll keep silence.) Yes, and I only work when I’m not in the padloo.Typa here is the sutra got up and if I do it in vain, I do not fucking do it. I zakazh sie for example pizza on dom.Ili myself prepare a cookie homemade.It’s all under the mood. This conditional problem is the fact that on a hoe in the city do not give a calm ride t.A I am a lover on the vomit 80kmch and do not touch anyone. Such a small discomfort shop zhist not raspberry did not seem. But to shoot at this all in a row and scream “come in large numbers.” A special desire does not arise.
working in an oil company it’s easy to think that if you go somewhere, everything will be just as overwhelming.
If really interesting – Velcas in PM, so I remember who to unsubscribe. Now I’ll sort out a little about the job search and plan specifically – you need to contact people so that you do not get caught right away. I’m interested to see how people live, and even to check whether I can spend at least 24 hours in such an atmosphere.
Well, summer is easier .. the grass can be mowed once a week. but in the winter – well, fuck him.
A snow throw – for joy. Yesterday I dropped it, today in the morning – I look – the corn on the ass from the chair has diminished.
P.S. But this has to be a habit of work from childhood. Who as a child only took out the garbage and vacuumed the path, that’s hard, yes.
So – this snow is a little garbage compared to the heap of work that needs to be done in the summer (at ftw ask) So winter on the collective farm – count the holidays.