To leave from parents to the guy at 15.
Guy 19. I’m 14, soon 15. I can not live anymore and endure my relatives. I live in Moscow. I want to go to the guy in the Lugansk region. I read the law that a 14-year-old lady herself can move around the country (Ukrainian citizenship) to her parents about this law, but they do not. If I want to leave Russia for Ukraine, will they let me in without my parents? Your citizen? Relatives threaten the corner. but as? If the victim is against it? They can put a guy. If I am for him, and everything is against. It’s so hard, sometimes I think about suicide, but I’m holding on, because I love my boyfriend more than life and forever. Parents say that this is just love, not love. Hard case. This is my first love and the last. I want him to the end and he’s with me. I’m forcibly forced to study in Russia, but I just do not want to live and study in this country. I want to go to Ukraine to my beloved. But parents interfere, how to force them to be released, can they escape?
You need to first understand the legislation of the Russian Federation (to leave first from the Russian Federation, and only then about “entry” and movement and life across Ukraine to think). Actually, 2 years to 16 can tolerate and at the same time your feelings check – then you will thoroughly have proof before relatives that your current words are not a whim and not a bluff. Yes, and in front of you too – because where are you sure about what’s happening for the first time ?? After all, you are not the first to self-assuredly be wrong. Have you never been wrong in your life? And how then do you feel when you are not right, but someone else who tells you then of the type: and I warned you beforehand. You need to learn to be patient – then everything will turn out and come even in a more tempered best form / result. And to respond with a statement of suicide for every life test – it’s cowardice, weak-willed hysterics and maybe even “psychic” psychopathy. For a real person – not seriously. For a real person you need to be able to grasp your teeth and learn how to overcome all the “thorns” of life purposefully and consistently, learn to achieve your goal, wait “in ambush” if necessary, and not turn aside at the slightest difficulty; You need to learn how to win even by the “rules” of the opponent / opponent. As for the very declaration of this (about suicide), you can lose the “face” forever and not only to relatives. It’s the same as losing honor or your personal conscience. Therefore, it is better to refrain from even such statements, in time to stop them in themselves, because words can materialize. Good luck.