To leave for the whole summer to Bulgaria
Leave from Ukraine to Bulgaria, get a job, as in any other country is possible. Each country has its own immigration laws. About other countries do not know, but about how to leave Ukraine for Bulgaria and stay here to live, I will tell. Many of my friends from Ukraine left and they settled quite normally. Some hostels have been opened and are working, other cafes in the center of Sofia have been hired and also quite working.
How to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria for a Ukrainian.
As well as to another, Moskal, for example, the Ukrainian get a residence permit in Bulgaria, you need to act in accordance with the ZCHRB & ndash; Article 24. Who can get a residence permit in Bulgaria? Click on the link and see. How to get a residence permit in Bulgaria? Here, for each of the 15 points of its tactics of action and its package of documents to collect. But the main and basic for all 15 points – you need to have a home (your own or a removable), an account in a Bulgarian bank with denyushkami on it.
Refugee status in Bulgaria for a Ukrainian in Bulgaria.
Cross the border without documents, without money, and weep for the one who caught you, that the separatists (do not specify which ones) infringe strongly. Bulgaria & ndash; member of NATO and supports the separatists (we do not specify which ones). Revaete is strong. You instantly into the concentration camp of the local quarantine for the same refugees Syrians, Afghans and others, wait a month & ndash; two & ndash; three. You are fed, clothed, money is given & laquo; for life & raquo ;, teach everyone. And then, if they consider it necessary, they will give refugee status. And here you are a half-right member of the EU country, a country of ever-red tomatoes. You can freely walk around the country or further fall into the countries of normal Europe. There, with such a status, many organizations will take shelter. Smart Ukrainians do so. In my memory, several families so moved to GB.
How to find a job for a Ukrainian in Bulgaria. Sho robiti?
And sho mogete then do. At work, hardly anyone here will take you. His unemployed is full. But if you are an expert in some area very advanced, you will immediately find a job. For example, an expert from one of the Razlog cities lives in our Motostahotel IT. Long lived. 22 years old man and zaboblyaet 2000 Jews per month. From 9 to 22 the work is working. In the field of applications for computer games. We can get expensive if we pay 10 euros a day. For such money, you can find a normal hut in the center of Sofia. Taki likes it with us. The company is good, and the Russian is teaching here.
You can create your own firm and work your way. There are no problems to open a company in Bulgaria. It costs 400 leva and a period of 10 days and that’s it. Discover and work for your own good.
How to find an apartment or apartment or a house of a Ukrainian in Bulgaria.
As easy as pie. You go to the site of real estate IMOT.BG and choose yourself from one and a half million variants of your own. According to your desires and possibilities. It’s simple. There and a realtor yourself, you will find. A lot of interesting things.
Yes, yes. Step by step, walked & ndash; here you are in Bulgaria and sit and do whatever you want.
A good country is Bulgaria.
bulruss is our skype.
It’s time to pour into Bulgaria. To be free. It is normal to live and work well and earn. Wait is not worth it. We must act. Decide who did not dare yet.
Consultations on life and business in Bulgaria. We will tell in detail and practical. Real experience from those who have obtained residence permit.
There is a desire to get answers to interesting questions. Write letters, knock on Skype & ndash; answer and tell.