To leave as a refugee to Poland
This is a great way to get a good education of the European level, learn a language, get acquainted with the culture and find a well-paid job. In order to go to study in Poland, you must obtain a student visa by providing a certificate of admission to any Polish educational institution. You can get it after an interview or payment confirmation for the period of study. The availability of a student visa entitles you to obtain a residence permit (karta czasowego pobytu) and the right to work. For foreigners in Poland only paid form of training is provided and often without entrance examinations. In general, training here is relatively inexpensive. Another option related to training in Poland and actively exploited by our compatriots lately is & # 8212; training on language courses in Poland, which also gives the opportunity to design residence permit.
Permission for temporary residence in Russia.
Documents certifying the identity and citizenship. Permission for temporary residence, issued in accordance with the established procedure. A document confirming that the applicant has the means to provide him and his family members with a living wage for living in the Russian Federation or a document confirming his incapacity for work (a certificate of income of a natural person, a declaration of income with a tax authority note, a certificate from the place of employment, a work record book , a pension certificate, a certificate of the social protection authority on the receipt of benefits, a confirmation of receipt of alimony, a certificate of the availability of a deposit in a credit institution with an account number, Ave inheritance, income statement person, which is dependent on the applicant, other document confirming the receipt of income from activities not prohibited by law or disability).
How to move to live and work in Poland & # 8212; legal options.
The cost of preparing documents for filing for a temporary residence permit is from 15,000 rubles and depends on the volume of services rendered. Receiving a temporary residence permit in Russia (RVP), a foreign citizen or a stateless person confirms their right to temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation until they obtain a residence permit.
The procedure for allocating quotas for registration of pvp in.
a prosperous European country in the economic and social terms is a relatively simple procedure for obtaining residence permit (in comparison with other European countries) the possibility of free movement around the Schengen countries, a close mentality and a similar language of the Slavic group.
Poland is located on the territory of Central Europe and is one of the largest in Europe.
Here the temperate climate prevails – mild winter and warm summer, spring begins early, and autumn comes late. And what’s important is # 8212; Poland is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union.
Read more about this in our article how much life costs in Poland.
Getting pvp.
Refugees in Poland At present, due to military actions in the east of Ukraine, a huge stream of Ukrainian refugees has poured into Poland. Some want to leave as a refugee to Poland, not having a passport or visa, but the Poles “turn a blind eye” to such actions.
Also, Ukrainian migrants complained that it is necessary to spend a year before obtaining refugee status in Poland.
Also for obtaining the card you need:
to pass an interview in Polish with the consul (or his representative); to document their Polish origin documentarily, or to provide a written certificate from the Polish organization indicating participation in the active activities of the community during the last 3 years; know and honor the Polish customs and traditions.
Conclusion of marriage with a Polish citizen When entering into a marriage with a citizen / citizen of Poland, the person first obtains a residence permit (residence permit) for a period of 2 years, then – permanent residence in Poland, and after 5 years, still having the status of permanent residence, can apply for Polish citizenship. And permanent residence in Poland is not necessary for this. Often asked about a fictitious marriage.
Sicily by Russian eyes.
A residence permit is a status for a foreign citizen or stateless person who gives the right to permanent residence in the Russian Federation and unimpeded entry / exit to its territory for five years. It is issued as a separate document and is an identity card of a foreign citizen or stateless person.
The residence permit is issued for a period of five years. It can be extended unlimited number of times, paying the established state fee. During the term of the temporary residence permit and if there are legal grounds for a foreign citizen, his application can be issued a residence permit.
The law on registration and registration.
This option is available for people who have at least one parent, grandparent (or great-grandfather and great-grandmother) who were of Polish nationality (they had Polish citizenship) and they can document this fact. And most importantly, a repatriation visa can be issued to a person who has lived permanently on the modern territory of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or the Asian part of the Russian Federation until the day when the Law entered into force (1.01.2001).
Consul of the Republic of Poland accepts the final decision on the issue of the repatriation visa. Repatriates receive Polish citizenship immediately upon entry into the country and can expect financial assistance from the state.
Refusing the previous citizenship is not necessary.
A foreign citizen (or stateless person) legally residing in the territory of the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18 and applied to the Interior Ministry’s internal affairs administration with a statement and necessary documents; A foreign citizen who lives outside the Russian Federation who has reached the age of 18 personally applied to a diplomatic mission or consulate of the Russian Federation in his country with a request for a permit. A citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreign citizen residing on the territory of the Russian Federation with a RWP or residence permit, applied to the Interior Ministry’s place of residence with an application for the issuance of a permit with respect to a foreign citizen who has not attained the age of 18 years, or who is recognized incompetent or incapacitated, a parent, a mustache a person whose guardian or guardian he is.
A RWP can be issued within the quota, and also without taking it into account.
Application for assistance to migrants.
The company’s lawyers have been helping foreign citizens for many years to obtain a RWP, so they can help collect all the necessary documents. In addition, we are always aware of the latest changes in the procedure for filing documents and in the laws of migration legislation – this serves as a guarantee of quality services and the earliest receipt of a RWP. Attention. From 01.01.2015, amendments to the Federal Law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” of July 25, 2002, No. 115-FZ, regarding the obligation of foreign citizens and stateless persons to apply for a permit for temporary residence to provide a document confirming the knowledge of the Russian language, knowledge of the history of the Russian Federation and the basis of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
In addition, the procedure for issuing a temporary residence permit is established:
the Regulation on the issue of extradition to foreign citizens and stateless persons of the RWP, approved by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 1 November 2002 No. 789 “On Approval of the Provision on the Issue of Permit for Temporary Residence to Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons”; administrative regulations on the provision of FMS of a public service for the extradition of foreign citizens and stateless persons to RWP, approved by the order of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation of February 29, 2008.