To immigrate to Australia.
In the spring I plan to move to Australia. I think that in Russia there is an unstable economy and it is unlikely that it will be like that, just do not want to live with people who do not like their homeland and live as if in a foreign country. I want to live where everything is for people.
I plan to leave using any opportunity or this is a working visa, either educational or tourist (it will be like an introductory train, it will allow you to better know the country, to get acquainted with acquaintances). The main thing is get involved in a fight and it will be visible there.
I ask strictly not to judge the writing on the basis of ideas for the moment. Information will be replenished and changed, depending on my knowledge of the immigration process.
Completion criterion.
The job is in Australia.
To study the legal framework.
Learn how immigration works.
Update the profile on
In Australia, is popular for it, it’s judged a person as a professional by this, it’s worth bringing the profile to your mind. So that he would become something in the style of a business card.
Finish the wreck.
Submit an application The application has already been filed, it remains to go to the MFC, but then there is no time. Pay the fee.
The cost of the stage is 3500.00 & # 8381;
Close the credit card.
For 2 months, slowly close the credit card.
The cost of the stage is 45000.00 & # 8381;
Engage with native english.
Engage in 2 times a week with native english on skype. 1st American 2nd Australian to get used to the pronunciation of the Aussie. Chose the cheapest at $ 5 for 30 and 5 for 45 minutes. total 10 $ USD per week 40 $ per month. I plan to study for 2 months (total 80 $) on already find naitive ready to just communicate the good language will already allow.
The cost of the stage is 5670.00 & # 8381;
Complete the treatment at the dentist. The cost is an approximate. Because there are no special problems. But I do not want it to be in a bad state of health.
The cost of the stage is 35000.00 & # 8381;
Increase the level of the language.
Raise the level from the Pre-Intermediate to the up-intermediate.
learn words every day watch polyglot train at puzzle-english overcome language barrier deal with teachers on start talking on the site polyglot club find in Moscow language clubs and sign up for them.
The cost of the stage is 10000.00 & # 8381;
Prepare for ielts at 6.
For the training I include the courses I plan to take in March. The choice is likely to be EF or BKC. We’ll see where it’s more profitable.
The cost of the stage is 10000.00 & # 8381;
To hand over ielts on 6.
Passing the exam the average price is 17000.
The cost of the stage is 17000.00 & # 8381;
Hire the migration agent MARA.
Select an agent. Contact the agent with an agent to choose the most suitable options for immigration.
The cost of the stage is 7500.00 & # 8381;
Accumulate the deposit in the bank.
You need 250’000 rubles deposit in the bank, so they let me into the country, if it does not work with a working visa.
The cost of the stage is 250000.00 & # 8381;
2345 January 03, 2016, 13:14.
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