To get Ukrainians refugee status in Germany became possible under the new law? [Copy the link]
The main thing is to get any visa of the state you plan to leave in. Fly by plane and surrender as a refugee. Now with Germany, from the first day after the surrender, you have the right to retraining courses, and after three months you already have the right to work. And you will not be looking for work, but for the employment department. Housing, honey. Insurance, food and 350 euros per person per month you will begin to receive immediately. Children are immediately satisfied with kindergartens and schools.
Is this all true and can it really be done? where to read about this officer.infu? Help the council, we want to leave quickly.
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What kind of courses are those “retraining”?
Only integration courses 6 months, with a vacation all 9 will be. About what the job will look for the department for employment – generally mocked.
Yes, with what a fright in Ukraine, refugees can take – the war there is not officially there.
Germany a year ago the law adopted that Ukraine is a country “conducive to living”, so that the status of refugees to the Ukrainians can be forgotten.
Is it only that you have Polish roots and live in the territories of the Donetsk-Lugansk region.
The Poles said they were ready to take out and shelter their compatriots from these regions. They already counted them – approx. 100 people.
Whistles. Decision and granting refugee status for years p.
but do you live in Germany and know this? Or just think so?
but do you live in Germany and know this? Or just think so?
I know for sure. In the summer we tried to get azul from a Slav woman. I came to my brother and tried to stay. They refused.
In August, the government decided that Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are recognized as “reliable, from a security standpoint.” And all petitions filed by citizens of these countries are rejected automatically.
In Ukraine, such a decision was adopted a year ago.
Unless for gays-lesbians probably, can make an exception.
For the sake of temporary “free meals” & quot; Hmm. I imagined for a second that this “soldering” enters. or for the sake of 350 Evrikov? Oh. “Do not laugh my heels. & quot;
Time for that matter. why Germany? Why not North Cyprus (There is at least warmer) or Vietnam? or Greece? or to Cuba (takmashny mintalitet us at least closer!) and that’s not all.
No. 14, 2015. Date of publication: 04/03/2015 & quot;
These benefits apply to ethnic Germans and those who travel through the Jewish emigration.
Refugees do not concern this,
I completely copied the article, there is nothing else there. All references to laws are.
Print them out, contact the embassy and leave.
I do not know what you are writing. I am a native German and my documents.
You are not the only one who has this situation. You need to move to the unoccupied territory of Ukraine and place there all the missing documents. We have a lot of such customers.