To get from Israel to Jordan by land became more difficult.
Since January 1, the government of Jordan has introduced new rules for crossing the border, reports Sob. corr. In December of last year, the issue of introducing preliminary registration of visas in the diplomatic missions of the country was actively discussed, but as a result, the possibility to obtain visas at the border remained.
However, the rules of entry into the free economic zone of Aqaba (ASEZA) through the ground checkpoint Arava on the border with Israel near the city of Eilat were radically changed. Previously, tourists who crossed the border through this checkpoint were subject to the general rules of visiting Aqaba:
– You can cross the border both individually and as part of a group;
– If the period of stay does not exceed 30 days, and entry and exit was carried out through one of the checkpoints within the free economic zone of Aqaba, the visa is issued free of charge.
Now the procedure for crossing the border from Israel to Jordan has become much more difficult. Firstly, entry through the Arava checkpoint should be carried out exclusively as part of a tourist group. And the passport data to the travel company that organizes the tour, must be provided at least 48 hours before the trip.
In addition, those who plan to stay in Jordan for less than two nights need to pay a visa fee of 40 Jordanian dinars (approximately $ 56) at other check points, and an additional ASEZA fee of 20 Jordanian dinars (approximately $ 28). In case the group plans to stay in Jordan for less than two nights, but is sent to Petra, tourists are exempt from the ASEZA collection.
If the period of stay of tourists in Jordan is more than two nights, visa fees are not charged. At the same time, if one of the members of the group decides to leave the country before the expiration of two days, he will have to pay all the fees on departure from the country (if there is a ticket confirming that the tourist has visited Petra, he is released from the ASEZA collection).
At the other border points, the entry procedure has not changed – on arrival a visa fee of 40 dinars is paid for a 30-day visa. Upon arrival at the seaport or Aqaba airport, as well as at the Hakl land checkpoint (on the border with Saudi Arabia), the visa is still free of charge if the stay in Jordan does not exceed 30 days, and the exit will be through the same border points .
In other words, starting from this year, independent travelers planning to visit Israel and Jordan within the framework of one trip, it is necessary to plan their trip so that the entrance to Jordan is carried out either via Amman airport (there are direct flights from Tel Aviv to Amman) or via the Shest Shekh Hussein, located in the north of Israel, near the city of Beit She’an.
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