To Ecuador for a permanent display
Today many advanced Russian pensioners follow the world trend. At the same time, they prefer completely different countries than their foreign counterparts. The main criterion here is not the development of the infrastructure and not even the general level of the benefits of civilization, but the exclusivity of proximity to the homeland, so that our compatriots move mainly to Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey or Portugal.
However, there are also those who go to places where the Rossian, it would seem, could not find in the day with fire.
Vera Andreevna Moshkina from Balashikha near Moscow has been living in the Republic of Ecuador for about 12 years. Her children and grandchildren traveled to Russia, her husband died. The active and lively character of Vera Andreevna did not allow her to get bored alone in her four walls.
“Here, in Ecuador, as a pensioner, I receive tangible discounts on almost all services, including transportation and utility payments,” she says. – I live in a cozy two-story house on the ocean for only three hundred and fifty US dollars a month. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant, where for every visit I pay not more than three (!) Dollars. In the city I move only by taxi, the journey in which is not more than one dollar. Thus, I practically do not deny myself anything! ”
When asked where the former employee of the factory for the production of washing machines takes money for a “sweet life”, Vera Andreevna answers simply:
– I rent an apartment in my homeland. My “kopeck piece” in Balashikha costs about $ 500 per month. They are enough for me, plus the pension that the Pension Fund transfers to me.
In general, for Russian pensioners, traveling abroad for permanent residence is possible, in most cases, only if the two conditions are met.
First, it is necessary to have certain monetary savings (which is very problematic in the modern Russian economy). Secondly, to have your own apartment in the metropolitan region (or one of the few millionaire cities) that can be rented and receive high income (as in the case of Vera Moshkina).
In addition to the question of livelihood, there are other points. “After living in Ecuador for the first year, I began to miss the evening” sit-rounds “with neighbors on the bench at the entrance. And here in fact also difficulties with language! – says Vera Andreevna. – And there was even a moment when I began to think about returning home, to Russia, to the usual dirty streets, expensive products and current roofs. I got the fact that while I was going, the language barrier was still defeated, and it turned out that Ecuador is a country with a fairly high culture and educated population, a country where you can easily communicate with local people not only about the numbers in the accounts, but also about many other things – books, movies, art or even world history. ”
In general, about Ecuador you can say a lot more good.