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The catastrophe is in figures.
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Department of Sociology of the Financial University, operating under the Government of the Russian Federation, conducted an analysis of 38 largest cities in Russia. Based on the results of the analysis, a rating of cities was compiled on the standard of living.
Hryvnia has updated the historical minimum to the euro and the ruble. The National Bank of Ukraine reassures investors.
The Minister of Economy and Finance of France, Bruno Le Mair, hopes for a partial cancellation of the Russian food fact. The main idea of the minister is that France and the West will keep sanctions against Russia, but Russia should open its market for goods from France.
Bonds and the US dollar covered a wave of sales. The threat came from China: the authorities want to get rid of American debt. But is it really so?
Chicken chilled thighs of broiler chickens, which are sold in Russian stores, turned out to be dangerous to health, according to the “Roscontrol” research.
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A weighty argument in choosing customers between the development of their own IT infrastructure to work with the growing volume of data or rent ready resources from the provider.
The next World Economic Forum will be held in 2018 from January 23 to 26. At this time, the Swiss alpine village of Davos (canton of Graubunden) will again become the economic and financial capital of the world.
According to a study by Stratistics MRC, by 2023 the world market of drones will reach $ 26.74 billion, and most likely, the dynamics of growth will not only be preserved, but even accelerated due to a wider range of their applications.
The ruble became friends with oil prices “apart” and, despite their correction, is able to stay at current levels or even reach the level of 56 rubles / $ until January 25, experts say. And then we wait for the negative from the upcoming series of US sanctions.
On the eve of the murder of Oliver Ivanovich in Kosovo. Who can benefit from this murder and how now to return to the negotiating table? In the & quot; Opinion & quot; program, with Evelina Zakamskoy its position is indicated by the leader of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Sesel.
Map of the Russian market.
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