To Canada on PMZ from Bishkek
Canada, as one of the very developed countries, has long opened its doors to the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. But to enter these doors, our citizen will have to bypass many obstacles. Canadians introduce us, different programs for immigration. Boorskok gathered from various sources, official programs, where the ways to get to Canada are clearly and clearly represented.
A video about one of Canada’s top cities & mdash; Toronto.
Federal skilled workers & mdash; Skilled workers and graduates. If you have the appropriate education, work experience and desire to live and work in Canada & mdash; it’s possible that this is the program for you. More details about this are written in the article of our friends & mdash; Immigration to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program. New requirements from May 4, 2013 (Russian language). Skilled trades & mdash; Professions requiring skilled labor. This program is created for people who want to come to Canada for permanent residence, and their qualifications correspond to the list of professions on the official website (English). Provincial nominees & mdash; Candidates from the provinces. The right and documents for living and working in Canada you can get through the immigration programs of the provinces and territories in Canada. More details can be read here (English). Quebec-selected skilled workers & mdash; Qualified specialists and business representatives selected under the immigration program of Quebec. This is a separate immigration program where you can immigrate as a specialist, entrepreneur or businessman who wants to start a business in the French-speaking province & mdash; link here (English). Canadian Experience Class & mdash; Category of persons with work experience in Canada. This category includes people who have already lived in Canada and / or have work experience in Canada. This category includes students, contract workers and others & mdash; rules and conditions (English). Family sponsorship & mdash; Sponsorship of your family. Your relative, who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, can sponsor you. More details & mdash; written here (English). Adopt a child & mdash; International adoption. The program through which you apply for the grant of citizenship for your adopted child. Details read & mdash; here (English). Refugees & mdash; Refugees. Category of people living in or outside Canada and seeking asylum in the country & mdash; read more (English). Live-in caregivers & mdash; Nurse at home. The category of people who care for children, pensioners or invalids & mdash; read on (English). Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed people & mdash; Immigration program for businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. More details here (English).
One of the most popular programs on immigration & mdash; Skilled Worker (Skilled Workers and Certified Specialists). This is when the profession of one of the family members falls under the list of professions that are required in Canada. The new rules came into effect on May 4, 2013.
How much will immigration cost to Canada under the Skilled Worker program?
$ 550 & mdash; the main applicant of the immigration program.
$ 490 & mdash; payment for RPRF, paid by every adult member of the family who is over 22 years old (Right of Permanent Residence Fee is a kind of duty for the right to permanent residence in Canada).
How much money do you need to have with you when you arrive in Canada?
Probably, for you it will not be a secret that moving to Canada will require significant monetary costs. The Immigration Service requests confirmation of the existence of a certain amount necessary for a stay in the country for the first time. If you immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker program, the amount you need to submit depends on the number of family members and will be:
26 419 $ – a family of 6 people.
$ 29,414 & mdash; family of 7 people or more.
These figures are updated every year, therefore, for the year 2014 look for information in the next year on this link (English).
But this money may not be enough to lead a familiar life. Therefore, if you can live more modestly, then this money will be enough for 2-3 months, even if you do not work during this time. It is worth noting that many immigrants experience difficulties in finding work. This can take several months or even a whole year.
The following items must be included in the budget of the move:
renting of housing (in Canada, at the conclusion of the contract, two months are paid – first and last); furniture (most apartments are empty, but kitchen furniture will be 100%); food; winter clothes; telephone and internet; medical service; entertainment and other needs.
It should be noted that the cost of goods and services can vary significantly within the country. If you are interested in prices in Canada, I recommend that you read this article, where we look in detail at the cost of living in Toronto. For example, I will say that living in Canada to a family of three people will cost, approximately, 1860 Canadian dollars a month ($ 960 food, and $ 900 rental housing).
Based on this information, you can assess the level of expenditure in the city of interest and compare it with your financial capabilities. Take with you the maximum amount of money, preferably, with a calculation for several months. This will greatly facilitate life in the first time and not be afraid of tomorrow.
Another popular and fully working option is & mdash; it’s immigration through training. Although this is by no means the cheapest option, but 99% effective. How to enter the college and how much it costs to read in the article & mdash; Student visa to Canada for 2 months !. After you graduate from a college or university in Canada, you fall under the Canadian Experience Class immigration program (a category of people with experience in Canada). Under the terms of this program, you must have a Canadian diploma, and also you must work a year in your specialty & mdash; after which you almost automatically receive the status of permanent resident of Canada.
The next most popular variant of immigration is a refugee and a fictitious marriage. The options are also not the cheapest, but quite working.
So we tried to briefly and clearly explain what ways to eat in Canada. As you have heard, Canada & mdash; A rich country, with good living conditions for its citizens and with good wages. There you can get well, get up on your feet, but do not forget your country. We should learn from the Canadian brothers and sisters a lot, and then invest this knowledge in the development of our country. That our children lived at home and did not forget their roots.
Leave your comments and questions on this topic, we will refer to them in the following articles on the topic of immigration to Canada.