To Barcelona for permanent residence. What awaits you?
Tickets to the sights of Barcelona.
Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world. And the number of directories, brochures and guides is enormous. But it is unlikely that they will find practical information for those who have decided to settle in Barcelona for a long or short time. The interests of a tourist and a resident of a major European metropolis practically do not overlap, they live in parallel worlds.
We will try to look at Barcelona from the point of view of the local resident. We hope that our strictly subjective view will be of interest to you.
Almost everyone who comes to Barcelona say they instantly get used to the city, he does not repel, but rather draws into his rhythm, and already a couple of hours after arrival they feel like “at home”. Some people like this feeling so much that there is a desire to drop the word “how”. In this case, romantic feelings for the city, which you are familiar only with guidebooks, have to be translated into real relations.
The method of “sequential destruction of stereotypes” has already filled up the edge, but no matter how you turn, better than the way to convey the necessary information has not yet been invented, so we will follow the stereotypical model.
Let’s start with the trivial question: “Why would anyone live in Barcelona?”. The question is not as trivial as it seems. It so happened that the Russians call Barcelona not only and not only the city itself, but also add to it the floor of Catalonia, stretching Barcelona for 150 kilometers along the coast. Therefore, let’s first determine the needs and aspirations of the future “city” barcelona. However strange it may be, for those who want to translate their summer beach vacation into a more stable base, the city of Barcelona itself is of little value.
Yes, millions of tourists flock here every year to look at Sagrada Familia, stroll through Rambla and Park Guell, raid the shops, but this is only a brief episode of their vacation.
Within a few hours, thousands of buses, cars and trains will take tourists back to the coastal towns, closer to the sea and golden sand on the beach. The fact is just as banal for local residents, and so shocking for visitors – in Barcelona there is no beach holiday. That is, he, of course, is. There are kilometers of sandy beaches in the city, there are sunbeds and showers, there are cafes and restaurants. But all this is intended for tourists hungry for the salt water and hot sun. It is worth becoming a local, as you will see a crush on the beach, cigarette butts in the sand and the very unsightly quality of the sea is so bright that the probability of visiting you by the city beaches of Barcelona begins to tend to zero. Local residents who have a desire to swim and at least some opportunity to escape from the city, and do so. It is good, on average, to drive by car to the city beaches, which is approximately the same for towns like Gavamar or Castelldefels. Well, with the main tourist factor sorted out. Fans of beach recreation in Barcelona have nothing to do.
With a marvelous architecture and objects of tourist worship, it’s even easier to understand. As soon as you become a local, you will instantly learn how to shrug your shoulders when asked: “When will Sahrada finish her Surname?” And wrinkle her nose at the mention of Rambla. And as you wanted, the position obliges. Time and experience reveal the opposite sides of the best photos of guidebooks around Barcelona. Especially, of course, annoy tourists! Oh, these eternally silly-admired crowds, preventing normal live to a local resident. The scavenging and yelling, occupying a favorite place in the cafe, snatching from the hands of the last pair of shoes of your size, creating a queue where it basically can not be. The list can be continued indefinitely.
And in general awe can be experienced only in the cultural values of some other city, not where you live.
Barcelona is not unique in this, and the frequency of their visits to Park Guell is roughly the same as the frequency of visiting the Kremlin Muscovites. So the admirer of the geniuses Gaudi, Domenech and Muntanera from the list of potential residents of Barcelona, too, can be deleted, his passion for long will not last. City attractions are undivided by tourists.
Who remains in the candidates for the title of urban residents? If you intend to work, study or lead any business in Barcelona, you will have to live in the city, there is practically no other alternative. To be in time to arrive at the beginning of the working day from the suburbs is in principle real, the traffic jams of Barcelona are not the same in Moscow, and not the traffic jams at all, so # 8230; obstructed movement. But over time, the Spanish principle does not look for complex ways to win more and more places in the head of the newly-born barcelona, and now I do not want to trudge for an hour and a half on the loaded highway. Accustomed to a traditional dinner with a bottle of wine, which ends well after midnight, you begin to appreciate the morning hours much more. No matter how much the desire to leave the city vanity in the suburbs, closer to the smell of pine trees, for an active worker, everything ends in the same way – by searching for an apartment in a quiet area of Barcelona.
For a person who after a day’s work still has the strength to take any active action, it’s interesting to live in the city. By the number of events happening, Barcelona is not far behind other European capitals. Something is constantly happening. The huge exhibition complex Fira de Barcelona has been painted for days on end, the rare star of a world-scale stage, planning a world tour, will not go to Barcelona, about Barcelona matches and should not be reminded. If there is a desire, you can find yourself a new occupation almost every evening. Outside the “game” there will be only two categories of people. For fans of “poklubitsya” with the experience of Moscow hangouts, Barcelona will seem a deaf village. With the exception of a couple more or less decent, any Barcelona disco by and large is a rural club.
For the music you need to go to Ibiza, for the ponies – to London, the night life of Barcelona is simple and uncomplicated, the Catalans have a natural allergy to senseless spending.
In Gaultier and Witton are not dressed here, so there is nothing to appear in a decent club, so the club does not need a VIP zone, and the club itself is not very profitable without orders from Kristal for 500 euros per bottle, so it does not (in the sense neither “Crystal” nor the club). The logic is something like this.
Another pole of evening interests – theater life, too, does not shine, to put it mildly. Sometimes visitors troupes show the world level, but this is more likely an exception. And, if opera and ballet at the proper level supports the theater “Liceu” with wild by local standards prices, and classical music – “Music Palace”, then the dramatic art is left to the “independent” theaters. Most likely, you can not get used to their work, “almadovarschina” and the author’s performance is not all to taste, but works with preserving the spectrum of the problems under consideration, but with the talent of the director “Slaves of Izauri” they are already scared off by the names of the productions. Want to present the monks Shao Lin, Japanese drummers or circus-please. Want to go to the theater – remember Chekhov’s “to Moscow” # 8230; to Moscow “and go, well, or again to London.
In general, with a pie of cultural and entertainment life in Barcelona, the cream was scraped off and the cherries were removed. The resulting dish does not cause wild delight, but it is very nutritious, which fully corresponds to the ideas of the Catalans about the practicality of life. In principle, guided by this principle, you yourself can answer any questions about Barcelona. Is there “this” in Barcelona? If “this” is suitable for the interests of the broad masses, entertaining, not very expensive and not too intellectually, then, most likely, there is. By the way, some “our people” began to not only understand this principle, but also thanks to this understanding to make certain progress. Example. A couple of times the Bolshoi Theater arrived in the “Liceu”. More than a couple of views you will not give – too many others want to go on stage, and not so great audience in the spectacle with tickets for 150 euros. Well, it seems like success, but neither artists can earn extra money, nor do they raise the cultural level among the masses. Another thing is the “Moscow Ballet” (just like that) in the theater “Apollo” & # 8211; two weeks sold out for 8 performances a week. “Swan Lake” and “Romeo and Juliet” for 35 euros per ticket. This is already in Catalan. We must give due tribute to the level of skill of the artists – the performances were really magnificent, despite the conveyor belt. In this case, the producer and the consumer found each other, the interests of both sides were observed. As a result – a successful performance, as well as possible blended into the Barcelona cultural life.
What happens in the dry residue? The future of Barcelona is a working or studying person, leading an active lifestyle, not a fan of beach idleness, not a snob on the part of intellectual entertainment, not a fan of fashionable parties, beau monde and “glamor”, which naturally earns good money – there is no other way to live here.
And most importantly – no Ponte, they are needed in Barcelona, like a fur coat in Africa.
Envy of a special you do not cause, but perplexity with subsequent ignoring is easy. A slight touch of romance is welcome, thanks to it it will be easier to adapt to local life and not notice some domestic inconveniences. But even romanticism here serves only one purpose – to be rational, because in order to survive in a very practical city, one must conform to it.