Tip 1: How much money to take on holiday in Turkey.
In what form to take money?
For financial provision of rest, a bank card is perfect. Accordingly, when withdrawing funds, there is a conversion at the rate of your bank. It is best to immediately withdraw a large amount, so as not to be spent on additional commissions. Just in case, you need to take with you some stock in dollars (the euro in Turkey may not like you), if suddenly the card will have problems. If you need to change dollars, do not do it at the hotel, because there is usually a terrible course unprofitable. When exchanging currencies, be careful, check and double-check all a couple of times, in Turkey it is during the exchange transactions quite often cheated. Phone calls to their homeland cost a few dollars per minute.
How much money is needed, and how are they distributed?
If you are not going to sit all the rest in the hotel, the surroundings can be viewed on a rented car. On average, the rental day is forty-five to sixty dollars. Approximately for the same amount can be charged for the day of a taxi. Accordingly, for a couple of days to rent a car or taxi, you will spend from ninety to one hundred and twenty dollars.
If you are going to go on long trips, buy them from the city travel agencies, buying exactly the same excursions in the hotel or the host tour operator will cost several times more. True, it would be nice to study first reviews on the city travel agency, from which you are going to buy an excursion to do without unpleasant overlays like not too pleasant transport. On average, the tours cost sixty-eighty dollars for two. In a typical holiday “climbs” two or three tours. Accordingly, on a tour it is worth to postpone from one hundred and twenty to two hundred and forty dollars.
If we talk about catering, the calculation will be as follows – a meal for two in a small cafe will cost you twenty to twenty-five dollars, an evening in a large restaurant – twice as expensive. If you eat in a cafe twice a day, and have breakfast at the hotel, your food costs for a week’s rest will amount to an average of two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars. But for this money you will get a tasty, plentiful and varied food. Fruits in Turkey are extremely cheap, especially if you do not buy them in tourist places.
Tipping is a very important article of tourist spending. Porters on average give one dollar for tea, while in cafes and restaurants the tip should be ten percent of the total cost of lunch.
Total: for two (with a fair margin) it is worth to take about six or seven hundred dollars to rest with comfort and without nerves.
Tip 2: How much money to take to Turkey.
The budget of the trip is how much money to take with you.
If you go to a hotel with an all-inclusive system, then you will not need any money for food. If you do not want to try local cuisine in restaurants outside the hotel. Therefore, this article can be safely excluded from the budget.
Remember that not all cards are acting abroad. Optimal to have VISA classic, Master Card classic. It does not matter whether they are debit or credit. These cards work all over the world.