Time in Australia now.
Australia is visited by a huge number of tourists from all over the world. After all, on this continent you can meet very rare animals that can not be seen anywhere else in the world, and also admire the most beautiful landscapes. Australia simply attracts tourists with its geographical and climatic conditions.
Here you can find out how long it is in Australia. Current time in Australia:
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Time zone of Australia:
The western part of Australia is located in the UTC time zone + 8 hours 45 minutes, the Central part of Australia is located in the time zone UTC + 9 hours 30 minutes, the Eastern part of Australia is in the time zone UTC + 10 hours.
The area of Australia is 7 686 thousand square kilometers.
The population of Australia is 24.7 million people.
The official language in Australia is English.
The capital of Australia: the city of Canberra, the population of the capital of Australia – 345 thousand people.
Major cities in Australia: Sydney 4.8 million, Melbourne – 4.25 million, Brisbane 2.2 million. Perth, Adelaide.
GDP per capita of Australia: 44.33 thousand dollars.
The Australian currency is the Australian dollar (AUD, code 36).
The telephone code of Australia is +61 (8-10-61).
Internet – domain zone of Australia: .au.
Consulate of Australia in St. Petersburg: 191186 Russia, St. Petersburg, st. Moika, 11, phone: (+7 812) 315 1100.
Consulate of Australia in Vladivostok: Vladivostok, 42, Red Banner Ave.
Embassy of Russia in Australia: 78 Canberra Avenue Griffith ACT 2603 Canberra, Australia. Phone: (02) 6295 9474.
Consulate General of Russia in Sydney: 7-9 Fullerton street, Woolahra, Sydney NSW 2025 Australia. Phone: (02) 9326-1188 9326-1866.
Prices in Australia: beef 12 AUD per kg, sugar -1.5-2 AUD, coffee Nescafe 250 g – 8 AUD., A liter of milk – 1.4-1.7 AUD, bread -2.5-3.6 AUD , mineral water 1.5 liters – 2-3 AUD.
Lunch in the cafe – 14-20 AUD per person, lunch in an average restaurant – 65-80 AUD for two. Ticket in the subway or bus 3,5 – 5 AUD, Taxi – 3,3 AUD landing + 2 AUD for each kilometer.
Holidays in Australia:
Holidays in this country can be different. It depends on what part of the country it goes to and at what time of the year. In summer, the best way to go to the South Coast. The most popular resorts are Adelaide and Albany. If you want to visit the country you want from February to April or from August to October, go best to Canberra or Sydney. There tourists can offer fascinating excursion tours. Also at this time, popular resorts of Queensland.
Australia is a wonderful and very interesting country of contrasts. Therefore, a trip there can give a lot of unforgettable, vivid impressions that you will remember for life.
The time difference between the cities of Australia and the cities of Russia: