Tickets for buses Kiev – Moscow.
Buses Kiev-Moscow – leave the route from Kiev, daily.
Chernivtsi (Bus Station, Golovna street 219), departure to Moscow – at 09:00.
Novoselitsa (Autostation), departure to Moscow – at 09:35.
Kelmentsi (Bus station, Khotynskaya street 8), departure to Moscow – at 10:50.
Novodnestrovsk (Autostation), departure to Moscow – at 11:55.
Vinnitsa (Central Bus Station, Kievskaya str. 8), departure to Moscow at 14:20.
Berdychiv (Bus station, square station 1A), departure to Moscow – at 15:50.
Zhitomir (Central Bus Station, Kievskaya str. 93), departure to Moscow – at 16:40.
Kiev (Central Bus Station, Moscow Square 3), departure to Moscow – at 19:20.
Brovary (Autostation), departure to Moscow – at 19:50.
Chernigov (Bus Station, Victory Avenue 3), departure to Moscow – at 21:55.
Gos. Border – Customs Senkovka – 00:05.
State border – Customs New Yurkovichi – 01:50.
Bryansk (Bus station, Peresvit street 1A), the bus arrives at 06:20.
Kaluga (Bus Station, Vokzalnaya Square 3), the bus arrives at 10:10.
Moscow (Bus station & warm TOWN & raquo; Novoyasenevsky Avenue, owner 4), arrives at 13:10.
Moscow & ndash; it is the largest political and economic center of Russia and Eastern Europe, but for passengers it is, above all, the most important transport hub. Millions of people from all over the world visit this city every year, and also use Moscow airports, cars and railway stations for further trips around the country or abroad.
Not surprisingly, the bulk of passengers who seek to buy an online bus ticket to Moscow are Ukrainians. You can get to Moscow from Kiev, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.
The development of the industry of passenger transportation between Ukraine and Russia in general, as well as the popularity of the Kiev-Moscow direction in particular, provides a wide choice of bus flights to Russia and allows those wishing to travel to Moscow, Kaluga, Bryansk or Tula to buy a ticket for the optimal price and duration of the flight . In recent years, progress has been made in rail and air transportation between Ukraine and Russia, so you can easily buy a train ticket to Moscow or book Kiev-Moscow flights directly on the website.
Bus tickets – travel and price.
The most popular means of transport in this direction are buses Kiev-Moscow. The distance from Kiev to Moscow is 887 km, which the bus overcomes in about 18 hours. The flights have the status of international and are performed on modern buses, where there are all necessary amenities: bathroom, air conditioning, mini-bar, TV. Prices for tickets for the Kiev-Moscow bus range from 350 UAH, which is much cheaper than a ticket for a train and, even more so, for an airplane.
The bus route to Moscow passes through such cities of Russia as Bryansk (arrival at 6:15 am), Kaluga (arrival at 10:05), Kursk, Orel and Tula.
Buses from Kiev to Moscow arrive at the bus station “Teply Stan”, located at Novoyasenevsky dead end, 4. This station has a very convenient location, right next to it is the metro station Novoyasenevskaya. In Moscow, the metro network is very well developed, so it will not be difficult for you to travel to any district of the city immediately after arrival.
Also you have the opportunity to go to Moscow by bus from Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr and several other cities of Ukraine. The exact schedule of bus traffic to Moscow and the price of bus tickets to Russia can be found on the website.
For trips to other cities in Russia, the site offers flights to Volgograd, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don or Sochi, while these routes can be booked online on the Internet. For further travel on the site, you can buy tickets for buses in Russia to other cities, in which there are no direct flights from Ukraine, but you will need to go with transplants.
The prices of bus tickets.
On international bus routes there is a system of discounts, fare for students, pensioners, for children without a seat or for a group of passengers who buy tickets for one flight at a time will be cheaper.
Buses Chernivtsi & ndash; Moscow, the price of tickets to 500 hryvnia.
Buses Vinnitsa & ndash; Moscow, ticket prices up to 480 hryvnia.
Buses Zhitomir & ndash; Moscow, the price of tickets to 470 hryvnia.
Chernigov buses & ndash; Moscow, ticket price 400 hryvnia.
Buses Kiev – Chernigov & ndash; Bryansk – Kaluga – Tula & ndash; Moscow, the price of tickets from 350 hryvnia.
Other types of transport to Moscow.
Each passenger can choose the suitable mode of transport, the necessary travel conditions, determine the optimal time of departure and arrival, as well as many other factors that are very important in each case. The users of the site have the opportunity not only to choose their own mode of transport, but also to buy cheap airplane tickets to Russia at promotional prices or to book a train ticket to Moscow without having to visit the railway ticket office. And all this can be done directly on the site thanks to the universal transport system, to which the resources of Ukrainian and international bus carriers are connected, as well as air tickets to anywhere in the world and train tickets.
Aircraft and Flights to Moscow.
Dozens of airlines fly to Moscow from Ukraine. Flights to Moscow, which can be bought or booked on our website online, are offered by AEROFLOT (Moscow-Sheremetyevo), UTair Aviation (Moscow-Vnukovo), TRANSAERO AIRLINES (Moscow-Domodedovo). Many Ukrainians use Moscow airports as transit. The main airports of Moscow are three international airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo. Flights to Moscow are made from both airports in Kiev & ndash; & quot; Kiev-Zhuliany & quot; and “Boryspil”, also from the airport of Simferopol, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa and some others. Thus, in order to buy air tickets to Moscow, you only need to decide which airport you want to fly to – Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport, or & quot; Vnukovo & quot; and book flights to Russia online directly on the site. The exact schedule of flights from Ukraine’s airports to Russia and flights back to Ukraine can be viewed on the website.
Train tickets and trains to Moscow.
The most popular direction of the railway communication is the capital of Russia, for which the improved conditions for the carriage of passengers by train number 1/2 Kiev-Moscow. Passengers can also, if necessary, book a train ticket to Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg. The cost of a train ticket to Moscow from Kiev is much lower (especially if you buy a ticket to Moscow in a reserved car) than the price of a plane ticket to Russia in the same direction. However, not everyone who wants to go to Russia lives in Kiev, residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine, territorially close to Russia, such as Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, also have the opportunity to buy railway tickets online. The train schedule from Ukraine to Russia and back, as well as the cost of railway tickets to Russia, can be specified on the website or railway stations.
Information about departures to Moscow from bus stations:
Buses Kiev – Moscow begin the international route from the city of Chernivtsi, from the bus station to the address: Golovnaya street 219, and along the route I travel the following Ukrainian and Russian cities and bus stations.
From the city of Chernivtsi, buses come to Vinnytsia bus station is located at ul. Kiev, 8. From here buses go to many cities across Ukraine, to Russia and the near abroad. At the station there is a cafe, a newsagent, a pharmacy, toilets and a reference: (0432) 67-13-42.
Further to the bus station Berdichev at the address: pl. Railway station 1A. Background: (04143) 2-13-3.
After that follows the city of Zhitomir, the bus station is located on the street st. Kievskaya, 93, background: (0412) 36-14-56, not far from the central railway station of the city.
In Kiev, the bus arrives at the central bus station of the city on Moscow Square, 3 next to the metro station “Dimeevskaya”. The station has: Luggage storage; First-aid post; Rest rooms; Inquiry Office; Order tickets by phone; Reservation of seats in buses. It is here that the flight is almost completely loaded.
The last stop for passengers is the city of Chernigov (central Bus Station, Victory Avenue 3), from which buses run in all directions across Ukraine. At the station there is a cafe, a newsagent, a pharmacy, toilets, references: (04622) 4-50-27. You can reach the bus station by taxi or by public transport.
From Chernigov, buses on the route Kiev-Moscow cross the state border of Ukraine and Russia and cities are passing: Bryansk, Kaluga, Kursk, Orel and Tula, and the last stop to which you can buy a ticket is Moscow.
The largest city in Russia, with a total population of more than 13 million people, it goes to the ten most populated cities in the world. Moscow is an important transport and tourist center of Russia. The residents and guests of the capital serve 5 airports and 9 railway stations, there are also 3 ports.
The city itself is very beautiful and full of various sights. If possible, first of all it is worth going to Red Square, to admire the Kremlin and “visit” Lenin in the Mausoleum. One of the most famous religious buildings in Russia is the Novodevichy Convent and the Church of the Ascension, which are protected by UNESCO.
To move around the city, there is a developed network of urban transport, which is represented by buses, trolleybuses, trams and route taxis. Considering the fact that in Moscow on the main transport highways there are often congestions, it will be more expedient to use the Metropolitan.
Compared with other cities in Europe – Moscow is very large and diverse, so your route should be planned in advance. It is not superfluous to get acquainted with the general information about the city, also do not forget about the registration of foreigners, in case you stay in Moscow for more than 3 days.
Booking tickets Kiev-Moscow.
Book and buy tickets for a bus from Kiev to Moscow, or book flights to Russia, specify the regularity of bus or rail flights, find out all the cities on the itinerary, and get answers to all questions that concern you on bus trips. site with the help of telephone support.
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