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Immigration to Holland for citizens of the European Union.
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Step-by-step registration of documents for citizens from the European Union.
I want to draw your attention to the fact that this information is suitable only for citizens from the European Union. Since not for citizens of the European Union, the procedure for processing documents will be completely different.
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How does it all begin? The five main stages are:
1. Stage first-finding housing is desirable with a residence permit.
2. Phase two is registration in the country. Obtaining a registration number. There are two types of registration number:
a) Permanent – it is issued automatically when you register for a residence address. b) Temporary registration which is valid up to 4 months if you do not have this registration. In our case, we made a record in the city administration to obtain a temporary registration number, since my friend has a home, but no registration. To do this, you need to make a recording at the reception by calling the phone or this record can be issued via the Internet on a special site by selecting the appropriate date and time.
When you arrive there, you show your European passport and say that you came here to live and work. Your data is entered into the computer system and then, in a few minutes, you issue a document confirming your registration in Holland with your personal personal registration number valid up to 4 months.
3. Stage three is the receipt of a bank account. Based on the document with your registration number, you can already open a bank account that will be required when you are hiring.
4. Stage four – the formulation of health insurance, which is mandatory for employment. It can be selected and formalized only if there is a residence permit. But if you do not have a propiska, then you can not choose and design it yourself and therefore in some cases the employer can open the basic medical insurance on you.
5. The fifth stage is the last one. Search and the device for work. The work can be searched through the employment office by sending out a resume and a motivation letter through the Internet. Can be in the English language.