This is Greece.
Read here about Greece and was horrified – how distorted is the perception of this wonderful country by tourists coming in. Therefore, I decided to prepare a number of articles that reveal Greece from the inside. The first part – a short test briefing, compiled from my answers to questions about the country from readers and acquaintances.
And yes, I still see Greece from the point of view of a person who is not very concerned about the food production, maybe emigrants without a social package and without corporate support see the world differently. And the poor Greeks, as I said, almost never happen.
Ancient architecture is the scourge of Greece. In some regions, where not to dig – everywhere there will be something antique. And so the officials who run these monuments have real power – no one can build, dig, drill without their approval. A person can invest millions in construction, start it – bang! – found the amphora. All, hello, the building is frozen sooo for a long time, until clarification.
There is an opinion, and I tend to it, that all these acropolises and so on. – New building. 🙂 All of them are enclosed by fences, there is a checkpoint and a fee is charged for the inspection – a small one, as a rule. The Greeks spit, attract this place tourists or not – they are very important idea of antiquity. They are those same Greeks. They remember. Although, of course, have long been so not civilized.
The ruins here are good. These are typical temples with columns – they are everywhere. Right next to Athena is the temple of Poseidon on a rock from the legend, when a black sail was raised on a ship. 🙂 Temple of Artemis. A bunch of smaller ones.
By the way, I really liked the ruins of the temple of the Delphic oracle – they knew how to find picturesque places. On some islands hectares of debris.
The Greeks are wonderful people. The real ones. Especially on the islands, where there was no active dilution of the nation by different Albanians. You can watch for hours the elderly Greek. Curiously everything – how he catches fish, how he drinks coffee all day in a tiny cafe – several tables and chairs, sometimes even on the roadway. Everything is done slowly, with dignity.
The Greeks are very emotional, but not at all aggressive. Screaming, waving his hands – but in fact, nothing terrible is happening. There is no aggression! A Greek will always help, if you address him – politely, with a smile. It is very good to know even a few Greek words – English is understood by almost everyone, but very fond of language.
Yes, the Greeks are sluggish in their affairs. Sometimes very. The most used words are avrio and sigai, tomorrow and little by little. 🙂 At first, I was scared terribly, I yelled at the lawyers so that my voice broke. Then I got used to it, I realized that this is their life. Yes, they are not in a hurry. But everything that they do is done on conscience – if at all they start to do.
Even often use the word amosos – it is said in the desire to confirm that the matter will be done faster than immediately. It should be taken with a bit of healthy humor.
Siesta is a myth. Here in Cyprus, there, yes, there officially 3-4 hours in the afternoon break in institutions. And in Greece – no. It’s just really hot in the summer. Highly. Accordingly, it is better for the road worker to start working at 7 o’clock, and in the heat of the day, finish, well, or interrupt until the evening. But the second is rare. Because they have dinner in the evening, late, hours at 9. In the afternoon – just a snack.
I can talk about Greek cuisine for hours. Its godlike.
But if you like food “gurme” – you are not here. Glamor is also not here. The food is healthy, fresh, there are a lot of it, but it is simple. But how they cook, how to treat – my dear mother. Eat thoroughly. You see, tourists just see the Greeks usually in the tavern situation – but what the Greeks know how to relax. Without vodka – it’s easy. Sit down and relax. Get the most out of the moment.
At the weekend, everyone goes to the taverns of the whole family, right up to the babies. There, tables are shifted and the sin of gluttony occurs. 🙂 Traditionally, there are disposable tablecloths on the tables, so you can not suffer with care – they will all be rolled into a big knot and thrown out. 🙂
They drink everything and always, but I did not see any drunks at all. At all. If drunk – then Russian. 🙂
Since there is no drunkenness, sit behind the wheel, having drunk miso kilo for two (half a liter of wine :)) – this is normal, and the police will not say a word, even if it stops. However, officially all are threatening to toughen this business – the EU demands. Well, and if you drunkenly committed an accident – will be punished severely.
What to watch? I do not know who cares. I do not really care about the ruins. Greece itself is worthy of being watched. Every weekend I sit in the car and drive, where my eyes look. Everywhere – beauty. Everywhere – different. Sometimes I sit on a ferry or on a plane and drive to the islands. Each island is an autonomy, if you do not know, with its laws. For example, on the island of Hydra, any transport, including bicycles, is prohibited. There are three cars – police, firemen and repairmen. the rest is prohibited. You can ride only on mules. A mule with taxi shots – how are you? 🙂 I’m interested in people. I’m going, I see the village, I stop, I find a tavern, it is desirable to choose one where there are no tourists. I sit and enjoy. I stop in the mountains, take out an armchair from the trunk, light a cigar and admire the views. Greece is a continuous beauty.
Greeks are religious, all major church holidays are state holidays. Crossed on the church cross driver or passer-by – the norm. I do not know all the details, because I myself am not very religious and for this reason I feel awkward, getting into the church. But, this is not the ROC, everything is democratic. I, of course, broke through to Athos, as – this is a separate story, capable of becoming a book, and so I visited just an incredible number of shrines, and I can not cross myself. Our grandmothers would have swooped down, trampled on, and the priest cursed. 🙂 Here – they neigh, showed how to. 🙂 By the way, here I began to feel a little bit of a Christian and even attend occasional service.
The Greeks are painfully committed to democracy. But not Western democracy, but some kind of pagan. Its essence is that everyone has the same rights, but most importantly – the majority does not mean anything. Even if there is at least one person who has other views, to respect his rights is a sacred matter. The state, the law, the police – do not mean anything. Even a criminal is not a criminal until he is heard. Therefore, there are no cameras on the roads, you know – when you click, and then the mail comes fine. No! You can not! Maybe the man was hurrying to the dying mother-in-law? You can not fined without listening. Someone’s boat takes six years to park and no one pays? To throw out? What are you? But what if the owner or his heirs or who else comes and pays? Demolish the old house? No one lives and no documents? Too it is impossible! What if someone with documents comes? And so on. They themselves laugh at this, but – tradition is a tradition, and it’s the Greeks who honor. It is clear that world integration is creeping in, but Greece is still one of the few places in the Christian world where identity remains, not bad, not stupid – real.
There is no difference in the Greeks themselves, whether they live in the tourist area or not. They will always be themselves. Well, in small things – tourists will not be given a fish in the tavern, which they will give to their own. And, well, they can also give to the tourist, but only if he makes an impression, will show that he is not just a short-stayed but man. This is always appreciated.
Greeks in many ways like children, like to be praised their food, their wine. They themselves are ready to laugh at themselves, but all the same.
Of course, this is not all 100% just such, but the sample is that.
You know, Greece is very similar to Russia. Here, too, if you can not, but really want – then you can. But the Greek always looks – but does it prevent “it is possible” to someone? Russian will not look, on the contrary, try to do something to spite the neighbor. There were no revolutions, and the black colonels did not select or take anything from anyone – they swept away the red spirits from the government and prevented the country from falling into shit. Private property, by the way – it’s a cult, it’s also sacred. Again, there is no cattle. Self-esteem is important. No one will push the neighbor with his elbows; on the contrary, they will miss each other until they are blue.
Since there were no revolutions, there are no poor – all houses and lands were accumulated by generations. Even 15-20 years ago, people played cards on land in Attica, gave and passed them on birthdays. Now these same lots are worth 1.5 million euros.
It’s safe here. Now, of course, it became worse – the geeks from the former countries of the socialist camp came running, now muslims have climbed, they are stealing, robbing. But for the time being it is still safe, if you do not climb into the areas of the animal’s habitat. By the way – this is the very center of Athens, where our tourists are. And then we see pictures of the slums. So, the center of Athens is not Greece.
Feminism is an ugly word, of course, but women here do not infringe on anything, quite the contrary, often I think that the head of the family is a woman here. 🙂 But feminists irritate everyone. 🙂 Children all adore and never limit anything – and it often infuriates me. 🙂 About the cuffs they do not know. 🙂 At the same time, children working on vacations or evenings in a family tavern are common. Children in families usually 1-2. They, too, do not multiply as rapidly as small-cultural peoples.
It is difficult to find work, but it is possible – as well as everywhere, in general. Good work, I mean. It is very honorable to work for the state – a lot of benefits. Out of 11 million people, 1.5 – civil servants of all stripes. 🙂
But all this is just numbers.
The main thing is that living in Greece is very comfortable. It’s easy, I would say. Freedom is in everything. But here the inhabitants of megacities are difficult, they do not like it. In Greece there is everything, except, perhaps, stupid ponte and glamor. They laugh at big jeeps here. 🙂 In general, the way of life is very rustic. And with all this, Athena is a city that never sleeps. 🙂
As I said, the Greeks appreciate a contemplative vacation with friends and family, so I somehow did not meet complaints about the lack of a metropolis, although Athens is the most, by no means a megapolis, equal in population to St. Petersburg.
Just. it is still provincial. This is generally the national way of life. And this is very good. Who does not have enough – go to London and New York.
But in general, if you want club life – it is. The island of Mykonos is the Greek Ibiza, now even a more fashionable place. In Piraeus there are many clubs. In Athens itself there are clubs that amaze even the scorched Moscow tusil. And, from the outside it is, as a rule, very ordinary-looking buildings.
In general, the Greeks appreciate the rest, so it is forbidden to make noise not only at night, but also during the day from 11 to 15, or something. With this approach, to build clubs in a residential area is meaningless – who can let you rattle with music until the morning? But you remember that the Greeks love traditions. 🙂
A certain area from the sea’s edge deep into the land is under the supervision of the Coast Guard rather than the police. And these prohibitions do not apply to the Coast Guard. Therefore, clubs within this zone can work at least all night. 🙂
If you talk about megapolis as a source of different goods of civilization, then there are not the slightest problems with it – all the achievements of science and technology are easily accessible, as in any large European city.
Personally, I really love this calm and measured life course.
In addition to the civil service, which is not well paid, but easy and promises a lot of benefits, the most serious money is the shipping business. Greece is the world capital of this business, everything is concentrated here. Once Piraeus was the heart of the whole industry, now the city withered slightly, but the essence has not changed. If you want to work in the shipping business, you can not escape Greece.
Let’s do it. Greeks are very inherent in healthy pofigizm. 🙂
Therefore, on the one hand, qualified doctors are very prestigious. And there are expensive clinics with the most modern equipment.
And there are municipal hospitals. And this is a song. I passed a commission to obtain a residence permit, was shocked. Hundreds of scampering people, the good part of them are the same refugees who would have them. Tortured doctors, who do not understand what the heck from me require the same checks that are from the unwashed Bangladeshi. Corpses in the corridors on the sheets covered with sheets. Universal mega-chaos. In contrast, an excellent dentist, a smiling lady, with her hands on the elbow in the blood after processing my jaw, everything is not painful, everything is fine, but the account is such that I want to switch to liquid food. 🙂
If you notice, I’m easily talking about different cities. Here the car is the main transport. The roads are excellent and there are many. Traveling is easy and pleasant. Therefore, the favorite Greek entertainment is to go somewhere for 300 km just to dine in a good tavern. 🙂
Concerning “unrest”. I’m very surprised when tourists climb to the square in front of Parliament, see the crowd there, and then automatically transfer the seen to the whole country. Let me tell you that this is where this area ends. Well, there are also general strikes, but this still has nothing to do with the riots.