The visitor visa to Canada: step by step instruction.
Information is up-to-date for 2016. Follow the changes on the official immigration website of Canada.
Do you want to invite relatives or friends to visit Canada? Then this information is for you. I note at once that the whole process, which will be described below, is the result of our own experience of obtaining visas for our parents. This experience can not be the rule for all.
In each case there are some subtleties, but the main stages look like this:
1. Apply online. For several years, in addition to the paper version of the application, there is an online request for consideration.
2. Assessing your chances of being able to invite guests.
3. Collection of documents from both sides.
4. Making an online application and tracking the result.
5. Getting the final decision and further actions.
Until today, I learn from my clients that for the process of obtaining and issuing a guest visa for their relatives, they send them paper copies by registered mail, wait for months for the result of the postal services, then they in turn forward the packages of documents again in paper form in consulate and so on.
Forget about this process!
2. Select the section Visit as a tourist.
3. Then go to the section Apply to visit Canada as a tourist.
In this section, you can begin the process of preparing your file for a visa, or you can also pass an assessment of your chances.
STAGE 2 & # 8211; Assessing your chances of being able to invite guests.
Why is this necessary? You can overestimate your strength, and in that case your guest will definitely receive a refusal. In the future, secondary feed by paper or online will be marred by an already existing failure in a single system.
Who should not act as an inviter:
1. Students who do not have a permanent income (age does not matter: 18 or 38 years is not important.It only matters your social status at the time of filing)
2. Non-working people who receive only benefits from the province or Canada as a whole (child support for his birth, social benefits to certain groups of the population, whelfer (unemployment benefits), etc.
3. Working people are not officially, i.e. which has an extra work for the cache with the inability to prove the regularity of receiving wages through bank transactions or transfers of money from the employer.
4. Persons who have such violations as:
& # 8211; avoiding paying taxes in full or hiding part of them.
& # 8211; legal violations with the existence of history in the reports of the police department.
5. Persons who have already invited someone to visit Canada, and this guest later violated somehow the laws of this country (the most common violation was the expiration of the terms of the guest visa, ie, did not depart on the appointed dates ). If the extension of the visa has been formalized through the relevant authorities, then this situation does not apply here.
The most flagrant violation of & # 8211; the decision to stay illegally in Canada and change the status of a guest to a refugee is assumed. In this case, for a Canadian citizen who invited such a person, all subsequent document processing for other people will have extremely negative consequences.
6. Persons who are in arrears for any payments (mortgages, housing rents, hydro accounts, etc.)
7. Persons whose earnings (even official) do not allow to invite guests due to lack of money. The calculation is based on the number of guests invited and the number of members of your family who live with you officially in the same territory.
If the above points do not apply to you, then go to the third stage.
STAGE 3 & # 8211; Collection of documents from both sides.
In order to understand what documents you need to collect, you must:
2. Create a file by registering on an official website. The dossier will be valid for 2 months, i.e. During this period you can add the necessary documents, but be careful, because many certificates or official documents have their validity period.
STAGE 4 & # 8211; Making an online application and tracking the result.
This is quite normal if STEP 3 and STEP 4 are intertwined, and you will do both the collection of documents and their uploading to the site at the same time.
BLOCK 1 & # 8211; Application for Visitor Visa IMM 5257.
This is the main questionnaire on the basis of which a guest visa request is made. The application form is signed by the applicant, i.e. the person who is applying for a visa. Next, the scanned part of the document with the signature will be attached to the general package in addition to the electronic version of the questionnaire.
In this part of your file there will be documents from both you and your prospective guest. Each block, I will write a little later after the main characteristic of all parts.
About this part just a little later.
In order to clearly organize the process of collecting documents, we divided them into folders, each of which is directly related to BLOCK 1-4.
2 & # 8211; itinerary travel & # 8211; A clear plan of action for your guest at the time of arrival in Canada. I propose a variant that can be taken as a basis.
3 & # 8211; proof of income & # 8211; Confirmation of financial solvency of your guest. What documents are needed?
& # 8211; a certificate from the place of work (position, period of work, salary per month, an indication of the leave granted for the period of your invitation). The document should be provided in a scanned version (original scan + notarized translation)
& # 8211; a certificate from the bank about the existence of an account / s indicating the amount of money that your guest has (the original scan + notarized translation or the English / French language version from the bank)
& # 8211; certificate of state registration of the right to real estate (original scan + notarized translation)
If your guest does not work, a certificate from the bank and a certificate of state registration of the right to real estate are provided from the list above.
4 & # 8211; purpose of travel & # 8211; A letter from your guest that explains the main reasons for his / her arrival in Canada.
5 & # 8211; proof of means & # 8211; All documents from the side of the inviter, proving his financial solvency:
& # 8211; certificate from the place of work (period of work, position, company name, annual salary)
& # 8211; print screen of bank account / s and transactions, indicating the total amount of funds that the inviter has.
& # 8211; 4 & # 8211; 6 payment receipts for electricity, rent an apartment, mortgage payment, etc. (indication of regular transactions on accounts without delays)
If the invitation comes from 2 people, say a married couple, then such a set of documents is provided for each inviter.
6 & # 8211; passport & # 8211; Scan of the current guest passport (all pages)
7 & # 8211; photo & # 8211; A photograph in digital format with the appropriate sizes (more precisely see the official website)
8 & # 8211; proof of relationship & # 8211; A document confirming the degree of kinship (for example, a birth certificate if the daughter invites parents) scan the original + notarized translation.
9 & # 8211; travel history & # 8211; All passports that a guest can provide for the last 10 years from the oldest (not valid already) to the current one. This is done to trace the entire history of travel.
10 & # 8211; employment reference letter & # 8211; Since 2015 this item is not available in the requested documents.
11 & # 8211; family info FORM IMM 5707 & # 8211; Another small questionnaire (mandatory document)
12 & # 8211; invitation letter & # 8211; A letter from the inviter, as well as a copy of the Canadian immigration visa or a copy of the Canadian permanent resident card, or documentary evidence of the Canadian citizenship of the inviting party.
What you need to specify: who invites and whom, for how long, on what terms, for what reason, addresses and contact information of all parties.
Where it is necessary to certify: you can assure this document in the Municipality of your district in the place of residence, you only need to bring a document with a photo and address of your residence (for example, a driver’s license). This service may not be relevant for all areas and cities. Check this information in the municipality at your place of registration.
13 & # 8211; letter of explanation & # 8211; Any additional information that you think is important.
14 & # 8211; schedule 1 & # 8211; as well as the necessary form for filling in the BLOCK 3 & # 8211; Optional Documents.
STEP 5 & # 8211; Getting the final decision and further actions.
After the payment by credit card, in a few days the embassy will make a decision. Next, you will receive an email with instructions on how and where to send your passport for a visa.
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And if, for example, the inviting party (husband and wife) are both students, but they have a good amount in the bank, which allows more than a guest to maintain, there is still no point in trying?
Alfia! The most important thing in this process is to prove that you are financially sound and convince your documents with an officer who issues a visa that your guest / te will not stay in Canada. The period of your stay in the country also plays an important role. If less than a year or a year and a half, I would not take any chances. According to my clients’ stories, I know that often in such cases there is a failure.
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