The US will inflict pinpoint hits on children of the Russian elite.
One of the authors of the recommendations, which are likely to be considered at the highest level in Washington by February, told what the Russian political elite really should fear.
The main problem of Law No. 3364 “On Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions”, approved by the Chambers of Congress and US President Donald Trump, is how to identify those high-ranking Russians who may be hampered by restrictive measures. As already noted by NG (see the issue of 24.07.17), section No. 241 of this document instructs the US Treasury Secretary, in consultation with the head of the national intelligence and state secretary, to give the Congress a regular open report on the oligarchs and parastatal organizations of the Russian Federation in which it is to be determined the level of their proximity to the Kremlin, the source of their incomes and the scale of their states were established. It should also provide a full list of relatives of the Russian political elite and their assets.
A group of experts close to the American establishment prepared their recommendations, one of the main theses of which – the great wealth of the Russian elite should not be the determining factor of “punishment”. Among the authors of the document are Anders Aslund, Senior Researcher of the Atlantic Council, who worked as an economic adviser to the Russian government in 1991-1994, and Daniel Fried, a well-deserved member of the Atlantic Council, who coordinated the State Department’s sanctions policy in 2013-2017.
“Our concern is that not all Russian wealthy businessmen should be sanctioned, but only those who directly help the Kremlin in illegal activities,” Aslund said, commenting on the recommendations of the expert group. “Our goal is not to punish Russian businessmen for being businessmen, but to offer them the right incentive not to go to criminal cooperation with the Kremlin.”
At the same time, the interlocutor of “NG” singled out seven categories of people who should get under the press of the American sanctions vehicle. “The first group are big businessmen who work with the Kremlin on aggressive actions abroad – such as the management of mercenaries in Ukraine and Syria or the promotion of disinformation or cyberwar,” the analyst said. – Another group is a close circle of Putin, identified by Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov in their numerous reports. The third category is their children, who received impressive wealth and high leadership positions. The fourth group is Putin’s personal friends, who, as it becomes clear thanks to the “Panamanian dossier” or the Russian “Forbes”, keep his considerable wealth in his hands. The fifth is big businessmen who have earned a good profit from direct business with the Kremlin, who own companies together with Putin’s associates, or those businessmen who serve as a cover for Kremlin leaders. ”
To the sixth category of Russians, the American analyst reckons those leaders of state-owned enterprises, which, in the opinion of the American side, have gained their posts due to close relations with the Russian leader and use them for their own interests. “The seventh point is the companies that belong to these people,” Aslund said. “In general, this is not such a serious task, at least until it comes to a relatively narrow circle of people.” At the same time, the interlocutor of “NG” assumes that not all “golden youth” who live abroad will fall under the sanctions measures. “The law does not focus on the children of the elite living abroad,” Aslund said. – We proposed (impose sanctions – “NG”) of such children who became high-ranking leaders and received enormous wealth. ” In the recommendations themselves, given by the expert group, it is said that the largest Russian officials tend to pass on the state to their children.
The higher echelons of power in Russia meanwhile are preparing for the economic consequences of applying a new sanctions package. “These are alarming expectations, because we are considering some variants of the consequences, primarily economic ones,” political scientist Valery Solovey, head of the public relations department at MGIMO, told NG, commenting on the moods that prevail in the political elite. – The political consequences are not yet completely clear, but we are preparing for the economic, I can say for sure. From the point of view of the authorities responsible for the economic strategy, sanctions in the short and medium term will not be excessively dangerous, Russia will be able to react to them normally, without much loss, but in the long run, of course, all this will cause enormous damage. ” The expert recalled that the Kremlin, according to some sources, already ordered officials to return to Russia their children living abroad. “The Kremlin gave a recommendation, which is the nature of the order that children and family members should return. This does not apply to businessmen, but to officials – yes, “said Nightingale.
As Anders Aslund told Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the fate of the recommendations developed by the group of American experts has not yet been determined. The US executive power does not comment on the work that must be done on the mandatory report to the Congress. Probably, how Washington intends to apply the law “On Countering America’s Opponents Through Sanctions” will only be known by February, when the deadline for submitting a report on the Russian elite and the alleged close Russian leader is coming. So far, there are all signs that a package of sanctions against Russia will be applied in the most severe way – this is demanded by Trump party supporters. So, Senator Lindsay Graham the day before said that he intends to seek from the US president the full implementation of the new law on restrictive measures. “If you do not, then create a problem for yourself,” the legislator threatened, referring to the presidential administration.
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The case can reach the point where it is simply impossible for Russian capital to be transferred to domestic banks. “Friendship is friendship, and tobacco is apart,” the president summed up figuratively. And that those who were addressed to this message understood that the Kremlin was not really joking, Vladimir Putin switched to a non-official language: “I will not say that your capital will freeze tomorrow,” and then resorted to the game of letters: “Choke on Dust swallow, running through the courts to unlock them! & quot;
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Vladimir Putin is always correct and cautious in his statements.
That is, his statements are verified, because (again, this is only my opinion), he realizes that his words are perceived literally by everyone who he at this moment hears.
And if Vladimir Putin talks about something, publicly, then really “got it”!
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