The third year under fire: how they live on the “hot” outskirts of Donetsk.
The ongoing fighting in the Donbas created several real “zones of humanitarian alienation” – populated areas, which are under constant fire, but people continue to live in them.
One of these “zones” – the village of Trudovskie in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. The village is daily fired from mortars, AGS, small arms. “Vesti” talked with one of the inhabitants of the village, Sergei A.
“I go to the village in the daytime, I leave at night, because it’s impossible to stay at night, and my house: no windows, no doors – everything is broken.” Every day, starting from 2014, “says Sergei. According to him, the residents of the village have seen enough here. “In February, before my eyes, my neighbor was killed by a shell, started shooting, and his dog got scared, jumped out onto the road.” He ran after the dog, then he covered it. “He’s lying all covered in blood, his leg is torn off-as this picture is now before his eyes. , but it was too late – he died, “- says the man.
The houses and fences on Trudovsky are riddled with shells, almost everywhere are broken glass. Those residents of the village, which, unlike Sergei has nowhere to go for the night, spend the night in the cellars.
“We have a common basement here, this is our bomb shelter for several families, we go down for the night, we cook dinner there, talk, there are only eight people and an 8-year-old daughter of neighbors. But we can not abandon the house – all of a sudden the marauders will all be stolen? , every day, they are hammering and hammering in. It’s difficult to work with the work, the men could only get a job – loaders. �What do we need? To stop the construction and construction companies to repair the house,” – says another Marina Trudovskikh resident.
According to her, there is light in the village, in some houses there is gas (gas supply was provided to Trudovsky). Shops also work only until lunch, and the assortment in them is minimal. To buy clothes and shoes, the residents of Trudovsky have to leave the village. However, most of the clothes do not have any money.