The Russians in America. How to live in the USA without knowing English.
The author says that if you do not know English, you can live normally in the USA if you live in the Russian region in the city you moved to. Many people live there for a long time, without speaking English at all, as in Russian regions there are all conditions for this: Russian kindergartens and schools, shops, doctors and so on.
Good afternoon! My name is Yuri Mosha, I continue the cycle of programs “Russian America” about how Russians live in the US and, in particular, in New York. And today I want to talk about the topic that worries my viewers the most and most of all questions on this topic are being asked. It’s still: “How I live there, I do not know English.” Here is the theme of today’s program.
So, how to live in America without knowing English, or knowing it – the school program, forgot everything, do not remember anything, I know 10 words and so on. I will tell you examples from life and, I think, I will answer this question. I will specifically make a louder radio, but I’ve already done the program – I’ll do it quietly now, – I made a program about Russian radio stations in New York, about Russian television, but now, for example, there is the program “Dialogue with a lawyer” in Russian , this Russian radio, radio “Davidson”, it is also on the Internet, you can listen. This is about the fact that here, in principle, the Russian language is the language spoken, and the Russian language is very popular, especially in New York.
I can answer briefly. Hence, not knowing the English language, in America you can live absolutely normal, without any headaches. Even knowing 10 words. Provided, of course, that you will live in the Russian districts of the cities in which you will move. For example, in the Russian district of Philadelphia or in the Russian district of Chicago, or, of course, in the Russian district of New York.
Yesterday a girl came to me for an interview, for work, for an interview – correctly in Russian, in America they say – for an interview. She came, she came from Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia, she lived there not in the Russian district, she came and said: “Everyone here speaks Russian straight!”. I say: “Yes, and you did not know that New York is a Russian city?”. They laughed.
But really, there are a lot of Russians here, and especially if you live in Shipshead Bay, a good Russian region, quiet, there are no “blacks” at all, the ocean is close, people live for twenty years, without knowing a single word in English. Actually not a single word, except there “hello”, “excuse me” and “good bye”. And they live absolutely normal, they have no “headaches”, no, well, of course, as you know in this anecdote, when a Russian tourist looked all over New York, went to the Statue of Liberty, went to the Empire State Building, went to the Park Center , on Broadway Show went, thinks: “What I have not seen? I’ll go to Brighton, though I’ll see how our people live. ” He arrives, there the grandmother buys something in the vegetable shop, he asks her: “Grandma, but how do you live here 20 years, how do you like America, as English? How did you get used? “. She says: “Son, we do not go to America.”
So if you live, in principle, in the Russian community, and “go” to America only as a tourist for some events and entertainments, then, in principle, you do not need English at all.
I want to tell you that there are Russian kindergartens, Russian schools, Russian, of course, shops, Russian car-care centers, Russian doctors, Russian lawyers. In general, anything, anything. That is, Russian watchmakers, Russian specialists on cell phones and so on. Therefore, in fact, New York, especially the southern part of Brooklyn, is a Russian community, and here really Russian is the main language and it speaks more than in English,
This is for those who do not want to learn a language, to whom language is hard to give, who is comfortable living among Russians. There are no questions, you come, the same thing that you just moved, let’s say, you lived in Krasnodar and moved to live in Rostov, for example. In terms of, the language is the same there, Russian, and here the same. Therefore, you will not feel any problems in terms of communication.
What else? Of course, if you want to learn the language, then please come, I’ll give you free-course contacts, you’ll be absolutely free, not paying a dollar, learning the language, there are 4 hours a day, wonderful teachers. There is an opportunity to go there, our clients, in any case, we write down there. You can, if you want, take a private teacher yourself. In fact, I’ve already heard a lot of ways of learning the language. Borya, the owner of the car-care center, where I go, a good guy very much, he says: “I taught by signs. I tried, here I go around the city or go around the city, translating signs. Then he began 15 words a day, set himself the task of memorizing 15 words a day. ” And so, he slowly learned. Someone says: “I watched movies in English”, that is, turned on the TV and it worked.
Volodya, my friend, he lives in Manhattan, by the way, a person who owns the maximum number of Russian-language domain names on the network, that is, a person buys names – he seems to have more than 5000 domain names there, then sells them. For example,, in my opinion, belongs to him, car belongs to him and so on. There are many good names, good business, in fact, – buys for $ 8, sells for 5000. So Volodya, he says: “I came, I just turned on the radio American, in the AM range there is a type of” Echo of Moscow “on English only. And they say, day and night they say, it’s working as a background for me, it works and it’s stuck. ”
Someone goes to American companies, the best way to learn a language is to get acquainted with a foreign couple. That is, if a guy met an American or vice versa, a Russian girl got to know an American. When you live and communicate in the same family or in a civil marriage, live and communicate, this is certainly the best, probably, the way to learn the language.
But, for example, for me it’s like that, so I go to the courses, not free, I took myself a private tutor, I try to memorize 15 words according to the method of Bori, but I’m hard at giving the language, I honestly say. It’s hard for me. I do not need it, in principle, I have a school program, of course, I can communicate in a store, and, in principle, everyone understands me, and I understand people if a person speaks calmly, slowly and not in any terms. But if I need something, I have an interpreter in my office, I always – Alexei has one, second Joe, an American – I can always call them, say: “Guys, I have such a problem, I have an insurance company the bill has put some, I can not understand, translate, call. ” That is, again, you can always get such a friend who will transfer you. Well, if you turn to him with a request, the second time and so on.
So do not be afraid absolutely, if you live among Russians, in general, the language can not be known. And you can safely move. Here it is briefly so, I will turn off right now, while I’m going to Queens. I’m going to Queens for business, I need two or three more subjects, because people ask about some topics to tell, and I drag, drag, accumulate, accumulate. I now have about 30 topics that people asked to tell. I promised everyone I would tell everything, so I’ll tell you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to take into account only 8 hours difference, write to email, write to Skype, I will answer all. I’ll tell you everything. Everything, I turn off, and turn on now, in about 10 minutes, I’ll tell you about cars in America.
Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
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