The reunion of relatives.
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Here you can find out about the possibilities of including the relatives of the late settler in hindsight in his decision to admit to Germany (Aufnahmebescheid).
The amendments to the Law on Exiles and Refugees of September 13, 2013 open new opportunities for people of German nationality remaining in the countries of the former USSR to move to Germany to reunite with their relatives who have the status of late immigrant in Germany.
To include relatives in the decision to admit to Germany, you must file an application with the BVA.
Basic requirements for inclusion:
The application for inclusion must be submitted on behalf of the late settler (having � 4 BVFG), his descendants and spouses do not have such right. There are no deadlines for filing this application.
Persons included in the Aufnahmebescheid should be able to speak German in simple everyday subjects (for proof it is necessary to provide a certificate for knowledge of the German language at level A1).
From the end of 2011 until September 13, 2013, there was a change in the law (� 27 BVFG) – point 3.
Literally, paragraph 3 read:
the spouse or descendant of the late settler remaining in the original settlement of the Germans (Aussiedlungsgebiet) may be included retroactively (nachtraglich) in the permission for the reception of the late settler if the refusal to such inclusion will mean the consequences (Harte) for both the late settler and his spouse or descendant.
September 13, 2013 with the entry into force of amendments to the Law on Latter-day Migrants this requirement is canceled.
Our law office provides legal assistance to late settlers to include their relatives in the decision to admit to Germany. You can contact a lawyer who, by your power of attorney, will file an application with BVA to include your relatives in Aufnahmebescheid in hindsight, with all the necessary documents attached.
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By arrangement – on weekends and holidays.
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