The residence permit in Belgium from the company Robinson.
Registration of a residence permit in Belgium.
The company Robinzon Property offers you to issue a residence permit (residence permit) in Belgium. Robinzon Property is a European company, we specialize in the design of residence and real estate. We have an office in Moscow and representations in different countries.
There are the most common reasons for obtaining residence permits in Belgium.
Prof. map.
You can apply for prof. card for the manager of the Belgian company (depends on the type of the company’s activities). We execute for 6 months, then receive a special visa and filing for a residence permit in Brussels, the residence permits are immediately given for 2 years. The cost is 6000 euros for 1 person + state duties and transfers.
Prof. the card is drawn up for 2 years, for 3-6 months. The fee for prof. a card of 140 euros + every year, during these two years, you will have to pay for it a fee of 90 euros.
After receiving prof. card is issued Visa D for six months. The visa to Belgium is issued within 7-10 days. You come to Belgium, draw up all the necessary documents for propiska (lease). There you will need to live in rented housing (if not your own) for about 1 month and wait until the policeman comes to check the address of residence. Then, after verification, a residence permit is issued soon and you can leave. There is no requirement to stay 183 days in Belgium. Then a request for residence permits is filed with our lawyer. Within 2-4 weeks, it is issued after the police check that the client really lives at the right address.
It should be borne in mind that the deadline for processing documents does not depend on 100% of us, but depends on the Migration Department, which issues and issues residence permit.
Moving through the territory of the EU for the period of approval of prof. cards are possible according to Visa C.
The firm must work and pay taxes.
Work card.
Only if you have your own employer. This is suitable for highly qualified, unique specialists. You should receive a salary of 3500 per month, about 40,000 euros per year. Of this amount, you need to pay about 15,000 euros of tax per year.
The cost of registration is 2500 euros. If there is no employer, then on this basis we can not formalize. We do not provide such an employer ourselves.
Based on refugees.
Suitable for Ukrainians living in hot spots, in the war zone. All rights are almost like those of Belgian citizens, residence permit with various benefits, receives approximately in 3 months. Has the right to work, do business. Has the right to benefit for poverty, if there is no other income. For a married couple it is 1200 euros, for 1 child 250 euros. They even give a special passport for foreign travel. After 5 years you can get Belgian citizenship. The consultation costs 140 euros, after it the lawyer will say whether it is taken or not. This topic is delicate and is discussed in detail in a personal meeting with a lawyer or at least on video communication in Skype. The cost of obtaining refugee status is 3000 euros.