The reasons for immigration of the 19th century in the United States
Sex and its influence on the body is a topic that concerns many studies revealing various piquant secrets.
Let’s look at some of the benefits of the pleasure that it provides to health.
1. Strengthens the immune system. Researchers at the University of Wilkes, Pennsylvania, find that students who have sex once or twice a week have higher levels of a particular antibody than those who practice less often.
Of course, you also need to pay attention to other important things that support the immune system, such as: a proper diet, an active lifestyle, enough sleep, the use of a condom during intercourse.
2. Increases libido. Experts explain that more frequent sex will improve sex and improve libido. In women, it increases vaginal lubrication, blood circulation and elasticity, and they all improve the sexual intercourse and make you want more.
3. Improves bladder control in women. It is important to have healthy pelvic floor muscles to avoid incontinence that affects about 30% of women at any time in their lives. Good sex is training for these muscles. When you experience an orgasm, it leads to their tightening, which strengthens them.
4. Reduces blood pressure. Scientists believe that there is a connection between sex and low blood pressure. There are studies in this area, one of which reveals that sexual intercourse, rather than masturbation, reduces the level of systolic blood pressure.
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