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How to transfer money from Russia to Ecuador from matroskin_house.
For many people moving from Russia to other countries for permanent residence, the issue of moving a large amount of money abroad is urgent.
In this post, I consider the possible options for moving money from Russia to Ecuador on the basis of personal experience.
Many points concern in general any movement of a large amount of money outside of Russia.
Given: There is on hand, for example, a notional amount of $ 50,000. Cash dollars, or in rubles at the current exchange rate, or in euros, or in the bank account of a conditional bank – does not matter. Imagine that we have it.
Task: To transfer the legally indicated amount to Ecuador in the simplest, fastest, most convenient, safe, non-waste way.
1. Non-cash bank transfer.
2. Cash dollars.
3. American Express Checks.
Let us consider each of these options in more detail.
In order to sell something unnecessary to transfer money to a foreign bank, you must first buy something unnecessary to have an account with a foreign bank, to which this money is transferred. There are three ways to transfer funds to a foreign bank:
a) to the account of a non-resident of the Russian Federation in a foreign bank (that is, to the account of a citizen of a foreign country).
b) to own account in a foreign bank. (that is, to your own account, but in a foreign bank).
c) to the account of a resident of the Russian Federation in a foreign bank. (that is, not at your own expense in a foreign bank, but at someone else’s expense).
As far as I know, the first and second versions do not have any restrictions on the amount of the transfer. There are limitations of a different nature.
To transfer funds to an account of a non-resident of the Russian Federation in a foreign bank, it is necessary to submit to the Russian bank a certificate of mental health supporting documents confirming the purpose of payment. Reasoning documents are copies of documents that are the basis for conducting a currency transaction (contract, invoice, account, notification of the tax authority about opening an account abroad, documents confirming kinship, etc.), which the resident must submit to the Bank when making payments in foreign currency. If the justifying document is fully or partially compiled in a foreign language, it is necessary to provide the translation of this document into Russian. Translation of the document into Russian can be performed by the client independently.
For example, we buy a house in Ecuador – in the bank we provide the original and transfer of the contract of sale. In this case, the Russian bank will make the transfer of the required amount to an account in a foreign bank. Accordingly, to implement the fraud of this option, you have to take a couple of flights back and forth from Moscow to Quito anyway. The cost of tickets and hospitality for these trips boldly ply to the bank’s interest for the transfer, they, too, will have to be paid from the amount we have.
Well, if we want to transfer money, and we do not want to buy a house, we do not want to spend anything else on it, but what about that?
Then you can use the second method of growing bushy hemorrhoids on the head.
We fly to Ecuador, we open an account in the bank of Ecuador (in Ecuador there are banks that open accounts for foreigners). With the received papers and requisites we fly back to Russia, we come to our native district tax inspection at the place of residence and put our heads on the block, we submit an application there (in triplicate, if I’m not mistaken) that we have such a de- then the account in a foreign bank, please feel free to get acquainted. Tax officials take us for a hurdy-gurdy – and Tagank put stamps and give one copy to us. This denunciation of a statement on yourself about opening an account in a foreign bank in a tax must be filed within 30 days of the opening of the account. Otherwise, burning at the stake is fine. mode = news; id = 4975 With this printed piece of paper, we jumping happily to the bank where we have money on our account, present this piece of paper and make a transfer abroad. Triumphantly we return to Ecuador (if from Russia they release).
More – smoke The order of transfer of funds in foreign currency of your bank and the currency legislation of the Russian Federation: y /
It is not required to provide supporting documents for the third option – transfer from an account in foreign currency in favor of resident individuals of the Russian Federation to their accounts opened with foreign banks in an amount not exceeding the equivalent of $ 5000 during one business day. (So I can imagine how someone smekly fights this way well, at least a thousand 100. :)))))
But that is not all.
In Ecuador there is legislation against money laundering, obtained illegally. And – what is most outrageous – it is really respected here. Well, regarding us with you, immigrants – exactly observed. If we transfer over $ 10,000 to your Ecuador bank account, then, in order for us to use them, the bank must be provided with a confirmation of the legal origin of the money. I do not know the details of the local legislation on this issue, to be honest, I do not know, but I know for sure that any materialization in the account of an amount exceeding $ 10,000 falls under the control of the Superintendencia del bancos and the bank will always ask about the origin of money. And, if we do not want problems and hemorrhoids, it is better not to “swim” in this issue, and then demonstrating pokerfair to lay out on the table the available documents and their translation into Spanish, notarized in Ecuador. Then there should not be any difficulties. For example, if we sold an inheritance from a deceased beloved mother-in-law in the form of 12 chairs of a house on Rublevka, then the original of the contract of sale and its translation, notarized in Ecuador – the proof is almost ideal. Cash dollars.
As far as I know, at the moment there are no restrictions on the maximum amount of cash, in US dollars, imported to Ecuador. I also want to remind once again that the national currency of Ecuador at the moment is the US dollar and, if anyone wants to cross here with cash euros in his pocket, to exchange them here at a bad exchange rate, let me know – I’ll look at this idiot with pleasure. :))) (although it happens that some bring here with them even some money in rubles and then look for ways to exchange them for dollars, but in rubles, it should be noted, usually they bring small amounts, which are not difficult to get rid of.)
As far as I know, at the moment there are no restrictions on the maximum amount of cash exported from the Russian Federation.
Just need to pass the Passenger customs declaration in two copies at the border crossing. And though a million bucks in cash in a suitcase, take it out.
Download the form of the Passenger customs declaration for completion here: ustoms_declaration7.pdf.
When passing the customs border of Ecuador, if the amount of cash exceeds $ 10,000, it must be declared. The customs officers will take you to a closed room where they will shoot carefully calculate all the available cash for reconciling the amount and ask about the availability of a certificate of mental health of the source of origin of such a sum of money and the purposes for which they are planned to be spent in Ecuador, will sign a declaration on the legality of available funds. Here we again very useful would be documents about the origin of money from Russia, which we do not particularly if they translate into Spanish even in Moscow and there translation notarially assure. Well, a copy of the Passenger customs declaration with a stamp of the Russian customs to the heap.
In principle, after passing this procedure, no problems should arise and we wish a happy journey and all kinds of bienvenodoses.
This option involves a flight to Ecuador one way. Without a return ticket and the need to fly back and forth.
It should be noted that with similar circumstances, I once had a fairly large amount of cash – several tens of thousands of dollars. I admit, I was not sure about the honesty of customs officers and really was afraid that information about me “will be soldered” some gangsters who will rob me on the way from the airport.
Not & quot; merged & quot ;. Honest guys.
On the bill of export from Russia and the importation into Ecuador of money in travel checks American Express (as well as in other checks) the same rules apply as with the movement of cash. Also, the exported amount in checks is declared, the import amount in checks is also declared. Everything is the same as the cash situation.
When you purchase travel checks American Express in Russia, there is a limit on the size of the maximum purchase for one banking day – $ 20,000 per day and no more. Therefore, to exchange, for example, $ 100,000, you have to spend five banking days. This must be taken into account in preparation for departure.
When exchanging checks for money in Ecuador there is a problem.
First, you can exchange checks only in one office – VazCorp – which operates on the market almost exclusively.
Many foreigners who come to Ecuador, including numerous Gringi tourists, having learned from the Internet that Banco de Guayaquil is the official representative of the American Express card payment system, think that it is possible to cash out American Express travel-checks.
With the American Express cards, Banco de Guayaquil really works and gives them to local trabahadors, but the money-checks are not exchanged for money. Many foreigners had problems with the exchange and were sent from the bank to the yuh in VazCorp.
And non-residents of Ecuador do not open any accounts or deposits – the policy of the bank.
Secondly, the blessed VazCorp office exchanges travel checks American Express in the amount of not more than 4000 $ (four thousand dollars, 00 cents) a month. Not a single dime more.
And for cashing travel checks American Express takes 1.8% of the amount exchanged. But you can not worry about being robbed.
This option also provides for a flight to Ecuador one way, without a return ticket.