The program of immigration to Bulgaria.
Obligatory is the requirement of having a firm in the country of residence – one’s own or any other, ready to register a representative office in Bulgaria and granting the authority of a representative of a foreign company.
In addition, there may be several representatives. Only one gets a residence permit – the director of law. But other persons in the representation will be able to easily and quickly obtain visas to Bulgaria – by invitation from this office.
Main stages:
You should prepare and send the following documents to Bulgaria:
� Charter (national), notarized.
� Memorandum of Association, certified by a notary.
� The decision of the meeting of founders to open a representative office in Bulgaria, certified by a notary.
� The order on appointment of the director for the right of representation (ie the person who will apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria), certified by a notary.
� A sample of the director’s signature on the right of representation, notarized.
� Samples of the signature of other persons in the representation.
� Power of Attorney (notarized) from the parent company to the person who will conduct the actions in Bulgaria on:
– rent of accommodation for the director of the representative office;
– renting premises for the office of the representative office;
– opening a bank account.
– (in this case we are talking about the representative of the Association “Gulf Stream” in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian lawyer)
The first step in the process is the registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria.
The cost of a standard set of services for registration and opening a representative office in Bulgaria is 1200 euros.
� Translation into Bulgarian language and legalization of your charter documents sent by you, the representation of which you plan to open in Bulgaria;
� Providing a real legal address for 1 year;
� Registration of a representative office in a tax inspection;
� Registration of a representative office in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, obtaining a decision of the BTTP to enter a representative office in the Bulgarian commercial register;
� Registration of a representative office in BULSTATE;
� Registration of a representative office in the NOI;
� Opening an account in a Bulgarian bank;
� Conclusion of a contract for hiring an applicant;
� Maintenance of registration and maintenance of the company in the first year of its existence (processing of correspondence);
The main thing and the most important is the first time to enter Bulgaria on an immigrant visa “D”.
Based on all the documents listed above (which we will prepare for you in Bulgaria) and completed points for registration of the representative office, the consulate of Bulgaria in the country of the applicant issues to you, as the director of the representative office of the foreign company (Article 24 paragraph 6 of the Aliens Act) the immigrant visa “D” .
� Within 48 hours after entering the country, you need to register with the IBR, at the place of your stay.
� Preparation and submission of documents to the passport office for obtaining permission for residence permit. Within 1-2 days from the date of arrival.
� Applying for registration of a personal plastic card – on the day of obtaining permission for a long stay.
� Getting a plastic personal card.
Terms of registration of documents and passage of stages of obtaining residence permits before and after arrival in the country.