The process of immigration to the United States.
How long the immigration process in the US is going on is worrying many future immigrants. After all, we are all reasonable people and are trying to plan our next steps. There are official dates on the Internet, someone in a few words describes his story and if you put it all together, you get a blurry picture.
So how long does the immigration process in the US go through the EB-1 / EB-2 visa? Let’s understand.
I propose to consider the time frame for the stages of the process.
So, the first stage, perhaps, the only one depending on the work of the lawyer and the client & # 8212; PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS FOR IMMIGRATION VISA. Here is the time & # 8212; the unit is purely individual. There are customers who have collected all the documents themselves and it remains only to edit some letters and complete the documents with a description. This usually takes a couple of months. There are customers who have not stored anything in their lives and are now collecting their achievements according to the grain size. This takes 9-12 months.
Further SEND THE BUSINESS. Regardless of where the client is, the immigration case is dealt with in the US. Copies of documents are sent by physical mail. As we all know, mail does not always work perfectly and there are delays. Ideally, the parcel comes in 3-4 days.
The parcel arrives at the SPECIAL DEPARTMENT & # 8212; MAIL ROOM, which verify the correctness of the submission of documents, enter data about the applicants into the computer and assign the case number. Here it depends on the workload of employees and their ability to work. Usually within a week, the data is entered and assigned the case number. But, at times there are delays, as, for example, in December 2016, when the duty was changed and the service was abandoned by the parcels. 5-6 weeks the documents lay in a box and waited for them to be opened. In January 2017, the administration was replaced and the staff was updated, which also led to many problems and delays. Nobody is also immune from the fact that documents can be lost at the post office or in a special department. All this I enumerate to the fact that when a client asks how long the immigration process in the US is going on, he can receive in response only an approximate time and more often than not including force majeure that can happen at any stage and does not depend on the firm and the lawyer.
After this stage, we move on to the next, most often sounding on the advice of a lawyer & # 8212; assignment of the case number and CONSIDERATION OF THE CASE. Only from this moment begins the countdown. If this is a normal process, the review takes up to 180 days; if the process is accelerated, then you will receive an answer up to 15 days. The difference in the fee is $ 1225 for today.
After consideration, there may be several answers: no, yes, additional documents. We with you, perhaps, will advance on the positive answer. So, you got an answer & # 8212; “Yes”. This is the next stage of your immigration, which depends on where you waited for the answer. If you are in the US, then you have a procedure for changing the status. If you are outside the US & # 8212; you have a CONSULAR PROCEDURE through the national visa center (NEC).
Summarizing the above, you can make an approximate calculation of the time and I emphasize about 6-12 months is the process of immigration to the United States. Therefore, when you go to think about the immigration process, take into account that the process depends not only on you, but also on many other factors.
All the luck in the immigration process in the USA!
If you have any questions & # 8212; write to the mail: [email protected]
Angelica Fruman.
Specialist in immigration in the United States since 2010.
Comments: 2.
Angelica, you can give extra weight to your messages (plus in karma!) If you voice the figures for cases related to the topic of the video, and taken from either your practice or known only in a narrow circle of professionals. For example & # 8212; how long waited for the last 3-5 of your client on this or that case (in the last video EB-1). I myself am in tedious waiting for the solution of my question (EB-2 NIW via I-140), and I’m looking for information on how much more to wait. It would be possible to somehow guess, having the data on passage of similar cases & # 8230; Good luck to you!
Sincerely, Vladimir.
Vladimir, at what stage are you? Do you already have a case number? Do you expect an answer from NVC or do you have a status change?
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