The procedure for obtaining residence permit in Kazakhstan for citizens of Russia.
Republic of Kazakhstan & ndash; one of the economically stable states of the post-Soviet space, which is successfully developing and attracting migrants not only from Russia, but also from other CIS countries. Moreover, many Americans and Europeans also want to move to the ROK and open their own business there because of the favorable ground for its development. Today we will talk about how a Russian citizen gets a residence permit in Kazakhstan.
The advantage of moving to Russia for this country is the existence of an agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on a visa-free regime, therefore, to cross the borders of both states, their residents do not need to issue an authorization document. The only thing that needs to be done after entering the RK & ndash; this is the procedure for registration. Having registered at the place of residence, a Russian can live in the country legally for not more than 3 months.
However, in order to stay on the territory of Kazakhstan for a longer time to worry about legalization in the country and get a special status still have to. Such a permit is a residence permit, which can be obtained on the basis provided by the migration law.
Registration procedure in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
So, the first stage in the process of moving to the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to settle in the country & ndash; This is the registration of the migrant at his place of residence. It must be done immediately upon arrival in the country. And the place of registration can be either own housing or rented. It is also possible to register a foreigner at a hotel in which he permanently resides. After the expiration of the short-term registration, the residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan must be extended. As a rule, this period is 3 months. If the purpose of the move is employment, a short-term permit is issued for the duration of the employment contract. Foreign students must renew their registration each year.
And only after 3 years of legal stay in Kazakhstan, a migrant has the right to apply for a special status, which is accompanied by the issuance of residence permit.
Inside the country, residence permit is used as a document certifying the identity of a migrant, when leaving the country, it is necessary to have a passport.
A package of documents that must be submitted for registration:
Statement; 2 photos, the established sample; International passport; Map of the migrant with the date of entry into the territory of Kazakhstan.
Methods of obtaining residence permits in Kazakhstan.
Business Migration.
Since RK & ndash; this rapidly developing state with an inexhaustible supply of resources, foreigners who want to open their own business in the country, quite a lot. In addition, the government of the republic is loyal to business migrants, able to ensure the flow of investment into the economy of the country.
The right to obtain a residence permit in the country has a foreigner who is going to register business in Kazakhstan, as well as members of his family.
To register an enterprise, you need to contact the justice bodies and submit the necessary documents. At the same time, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced lawyer, since the requirements of Kazakh officials do not always comply with the requirements of the law. Unfortunately, the level of corruption in the country leaves much to be desired.
The situation with the availability of highly skilled personnel in the country is content with the deplorable, as many Russian-speaking residents of the RK are trying to find employment in Russia. In this regard, experienced professionals are always welcome here. Especially in demand representatives of such professions:
Oil industry workers; Medical workers; Education workers.
As for the working professions, there are more than enough to fill such vacancies for local residents.
As the sphere of education in Kazakhstan is only developing and, accordingly, the diploma of a local university is not considered particularly prestigious, Kazakhstani students try to get education in educational institutions of other countries, the first place among which is occupied by Russia. But nevertheless in the universities of the country there is an active program for student exchange. Most often, students from African countries, India, Turkey, China and Germany are willing to study at Kazakhstan universities.
To obtain a residence permit in Kazakhstan, and subsequently the citizenship of the country, it is possible on the basis of marriage to a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The procedure for concluding a marriage union between a citizen (citizen) of Kazakhstan and a foreign citizen is regulated by the legislation of the country.
Requirements for documents necessary for obtaining a residence permit.
To get a residence permit in Kazakhstan, a Russian needs to prepare a standard package of documents:
Permission to emigrate. As such permission, you can use the departure sheet issued on the territory of the Russian Federation, or a certificate confirming Russia’s consent to move his citizen to the Republic of Kazakhstan for permanent residence; Statement. The document form can be obtained at the Department of Migration Service of Kazakhstan; Autobiography of the applicant. The document is provided in writing, there are no special requirements for its drafting; A certificate of the applicant’s state of health; Foreign passport with expired validity; 2 photos, the established sample; Document confirming financial stability of the applicant; Address certificate issued at the place of registration in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The residence permit is issued for 10 years with the possibility of its extension. It is necessary to apply for the prolongation of the document 6 days before the expiration of its validity.
The grounds for the issuance of residence permit in an accelerated manner.
To obtain a residence permit under a simplified scheme can:
Persons born in the territory of the country; Persons who were previously Kazakhstani nationals; Parents of a child born in Kazakhstan; Foreigners who have ancestral residents of Kazakhstan.
Having obtained a residence permit, the migrant must pay a state fee for the service, which is 20% of the MCI rate.
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