The order of the child’s departure abroad with one of the parents.
Departure abroad with the child by one of the parents was explained in the border guard service of the FSB. Holiday or vacation is approaching, and you are thinking about where to take your underage child for rest, treatment or expansion of horizons. If the budget allows, parents try to travel with children abroad.
Sometimes it is possible to send a child to study somewhere in London or Paris.
What documents need to be prepared to safely travel with children abroad?
Departure abroad with the child by one of the parents.
To go together with a child to travel to countries Abroad, you need to know that to leave Russia, your spouse’s consent is not required.
If you go to cities and towns of the CIS, with which there is an agreement on the entry and exit of citizens of the Russian Federation, then you just need to have a birth certificate for children (up to 14 years), but necessarily with a loose leaf or stamp on citizenship.
A child’s departure abroad without parents and relatives, if he goes to the camp, to competitions, to a tourist trip with a coach, a teacher or other attendants, also requires a passport and the permission of one of the parents. With these documents the child will leave for the territory of Russia without problems, if one of the parents did not officially declare the unwillingness to release their children abroad.
Obtaining a visa for a child (children)
Problems can arise when obtaining a Schengen visa. For countries in this zone, as well as the United States, Britain and Canada, it is necessary to have the consent of both the father and mother if the child goes without parents or the father if the child is traveling with his mother.
If the mother is a loner she needs to get a certificate stating that the child’s father is written down from her words, and also a certificate that she is registered with the social protection authorities as the mother of this child;
All documents must be translated into the language of the countries where the child is traveling, assure in the notary’s office, put an apostille. It is better to make the consent of the parents in several copies, since the originals are kept in the embassies of the countries issuing visas and may be needed for presentation on passport control.
Traveling abroad with a child, if one of the parents does not consent to this, can be resolved through the court. To do this, you must draw a model on the information stand of the court or find on the Internet a statement of claim and file it in court in advance, so that the trip did not fail.
The same documents should be prepared if you want to go abroad for a long time or for permanent residence.
If you are traveling with the whole family, no written consent is required.
Parental consent to leave the child.
To obtain consent, you must contact a notary who will correctly draw up the document and assure it. The document should indicate the countries to which the child is going to go, and the time of his departure.
Traveling abroad with children should be considered in advance, so that there is no trouble at the border. In the embassy of the country where you are going to take the children, find out what documents you need to submit to them, take care of the correct design and certified copies.
The dates of the trip can not be specified only for issuing a visa to the countries of Europe that are part of the Schengen zone, this consent can be formalized even before the execution of children of 18 years, and in any countries of its zone of validity. It should be indicated only that the consent is given for multiple trips and a long period.
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, such consent when leaving and entering our country is invalid, it is necessary to indicate the time limit for each trip. In Europe, everything is somewhat more universal.
They allow entry if there is no second parent, he is stripped of his rights or agreed to leave. And all this only on the basis of certified documents.
The rules for traveling abroad for children have been amended:
It is not necessary to take the consent of the mother to leave, if the child is traveling with the father, and vice versa, or with the guardian.
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