“The judgment that moved from Moldova to the US, you can only rely on the work of a nanny or driver – the myth of”
Olga and Nikolay moved to the US in 2012. After the move, our compatriot started a blog in which I tell my friends and all those who are interested about my new life in the United States. In the first months Olga actively wrote about the differences and amazing facts that are evident to the newcomer. Now she writes about her travels around America. In an interview with the “KP” correspondent, Olga described how her life changed after receiving a green card.
In which year did you win the green card?
– It’s hard to believe that three years ago my husband and I spent our spring evenings in Chisinau, not guessing which ticket will soon fall out. By the will of fate we were among the winners of the program Diversity Visa Lottery 2012: passed the immigration process, got our green cards and soon left for a new life on another continent.
Was it difficult to decide to leave Moldova?
– It was difficult to realize that the win really happened to us. I’m sure, like many of our compatriots participating in the Green Card lottery, we did not really think about emigration and never dreamed of America. We did not know anyone who won the green card before and what to expect and submitted our application “just in case”. Therefore, we were not ready to move. Nevertheless, it was obvious to us that this is an opportunity to gain invaluable life experience and try more than would be possible for living in Moldova. The decision was not easy for us, but this is something that, I think, usually does not have to be regretted.
How has your life changed?
So, as we had no idea. I think, if even before immigration everyone could know how large their life might change, the decision on this step would be less. And not necessarily because the changes may not be the happiest. The fact is that with the change of cultural and social situation, the very view of life and on oneself changes, priorities and attitudes are changing. At least that’s what happened to us. And I think not everyone can be ready for this.
First of all, our professional life and views on career have changed. There was a drive and a desire to conquer new peaks, which we did not feel at home. We have discovered new areas of activity and opportunities, felt that the ceiling is still very far away. In addition, working now in IT, we both feel at the crest of a wave of new technologies.
What were the main concerns related to the move?
– First of all, we were afraid of the difficulties in finding a job. It basically depended on how quickly and comfortably we would settle down in a new place. We started looking for vacancies in Chisinau and on our arrival in San Francisco immediately went to our first interview. Undoubtedly, the difficulty represented the need to transfer our Moldovan experience to local realities and enter the stream. Also a serious challenge was for us to compete with applicants with local education and experience and native speakers. Anyway, we both got along fine in the course of time. By the way, the judgment that moving to the US, where no one waits for us, you can count only on the work of a nanny or drivers, nothing more than a myth. With good experience, a decent level of language and, most importantly, a great desire to work and study, you can get a job in a specialty and in such a big city like San Francisco.
What did you and your husband do before you left?
As for concerns about whether we will enter the cultural environment or, say, whether we can feel at home, we were open to new experiences and did not fear anything.
We successfully worked in the specialties and were satisfied with our careers. My husband developed in IT, and I worked as a marketer.
As strange as it sounds, but with the move to the US, we began to eat better. Obviously, this is directly related to the state and culture of nutrition that is peculiar to this or that region of the country. We were lucky, because many Californians are crazy about healthy eating, in a good sense of the word. We are practically for the first time seriously thinking about what we eat and how much. I will not chew the soul if I say that here we eat more correctly and more diversely than in Chisinau.
The paradox was that it was in a typical “country of consumption,” as the US is often called, that we looked differently at the material side of life. It would seem, how here one can not think about the abundance and availability of goods that were previously seen only on TV or in magazines. However, we almost did not feel such hunger. Americans say “You are not the car drive”, that in the translation “You are not the car you drive on”. The point is that the material things you use do not define you and give you no appreciation. And indeed, we rarely met people who would try to prove something to someone at the expense of their clothes, mobile phone or car. They also try not to evaluate. We, for example, were not immediately accustomed to the fact that a restaurant, say, can come in any clothes and skewed looks do not have to wait. In a word, we are now easier to look at what should be in our lives and what is not necessary, and invest primarily in travel and impressions.
By the way, about the journeys that radically changed our leisure time. Northern California is an amazingly beautiful place. It seemed to be designed to travel by car along winding roads along a steep oceanfront and through small tourist towns with beaches. These places are conquered by the incredible color of the ocean, tall cypresses and pine trees. The road to new places is always an event in itself, and we try to get out to our little trips every weekend. About these trips, I regularly tell in my Instagram (@tidesland).
What difficulties did you face in the US?
At first, we had many unanswered questions: about how people rent housing, make loans, buy insurance, pay taxes, etc. After half a year of experience in the US, all the answers were found, and now we have no more worries than other Americans: how to grow in your career, how to better manage your budget, where to go on vacation 🙂
Continuing the phrase “Moving from the US was for me. ”
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