The European Union can suspend a visa-free regime for US citizens for 12 months.
Such a measure is caused by the fact that the United States has not yet granted a visa-free regime to five EU member states. Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.
The European Parliament adopted a resolution according to which the EU Commission, in accordance with the legislation of the European Union, is obliged to take measures and temporarily return visas to US citizens. Such measures are caused by the fact that citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania still can not enter the US without a visa, and American citizens can travel to all EU countries without visas.
According to the mechanism of visa reciprocity, if the third country does not remove visa requirements within 24 months from the receipt of the notification of non-reciprocity, the European Commission must adopt an act on suspension of the visa-free regime for 12 months.
On April 12, 2014, the European Commission was notified that five countries are not fulfilling their obligations to the EU regarding visa-free reciprocity: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Japan and the United States.
Australia, Brunei and Japan have since withdrawn their visa requirements for all EU citizens. Canada will abolish visas for EU citizens in December 2017. However, the US still did not fulfill its obligations on the reciprocity of the visa-free regime.
In the resolution, the deputies of the European Parliament urge the EU Commission to take the necessary legal measures “within two months.”
Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
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