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The immigration policy of New Zealand is designed to facilitate the immigration to New Zealand of various categories of the population and is primarily aimed at attracting young, vocational educated people who want to settle in New Zealand.
In New Zealand, there are the following immigration categories:
Immigration to New Zealand in the professional category (Skilled Migrant Category).
The decisive factors in scoring and decision making are work in New Zealand (or an invitation to work), qualifications and a profession that appear in the list of scarce occupations or work (job invitation) in promising areas.
The basic requirements for the applicant is to score 50 points for an invitation to work in New Zealand, to prove that his qualifications are related to one of the scarce professions or suitable for work in areas considered promising. The presence of an invitation to work is highly desirable (it is enough to look at the scale of basic and additional points), but it is not a mandatory requirement. If the applicant failed to prove the possibility of successfully settling in New Zealand, but during the review it was determined that he had the capacity to realize his potential, the decision could be postponed for up to two years. And in this case, the applicant can get a working visa for the realization of his potential for a period of 2 years.
The applicant must have sufficient financial means to stay in the country for the first 24 months. The main applicant and all members of the family over the age of 17 must provide police / police certificates for the country of residence (citizenship) and any other country with a residence of 12 months or more. Business Category:
Emigration to New Zealand by investor.
Applicants in this category are assessed by the ball system. Evaluation criteria include age, entrepreneurial experience, and investment amounts. Immigration policy is to attract those immigrants who can contribute to the development of the New Zealand economy, while encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation and the strengthening of international relations. Applicants-investors should own at least 25% of the shares of the enterprise and, although it is not a mandatory requirement, have experience in management, planning and business management. Cash and other assets must belong to the main applicant or both spouses.
The applicant needs to document his experience in business with documents such as: registration documents, audit, tax returns, a description of the enterprise and the type of activity, ownership structure, and the composition of shareholders. Experience in this context means both proof of ownership of a business or part of the business, and the experience of management (planning, organization, control) by the enterprise.
It is necessary to provide documents proving that the funds invested have been received legally. Such documents include bank certificates and other bank documents, documents proving the ownership of the real estate and its estimated value, the availability of shares and other securities, etc.
Immigration to New Zealand by category Entrepreneur (entrepreneur).
This category includes those applicants who organized a business in New Zealand or waded through it, or invested in an existing business, having received at least 25% of the stake. Most often, these are those who received a long term business visa and organized their business in New Zealand or entered the operating business.
In addition to meeting all immigration requirements – to English (minimum 5 points in IELTS), health status, reputation, it is necessary to document the legal origin of available funds.
Emigration to New Zealand for a long term business visa.
This category does not give the right to permanent residence, it is of interest to those who intend to organize their business in New Zealand, but is not going to or is unable to live there permanently, and who intends to continue to apply for permanent residence as an entrepreneur or an investor.
The visa is issued for 9 months, and if there is evidence that the applicant has established a business in New Zealand and has transferred the necessary funds for this – for up to 3 years.
This category requires evidence of entrepreneurial experience, a detailed business plan for business organization or business in New Zealand, and the availability of sufficient funds to organize and conduct business in New Zealand.
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Immigration to New Zealand by family category (Family Quota Category).
If the applicant has a spouse who is / is a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or has been with him / her in a civil marriage for at least two years (in this context, a civil marriage is accepted as between heterosexuals and same-sex partners). In this case, the New Zealand spouse or partner in a civil marriage acts as a sponsor and must fulfill all the requirements for the sponsor.
The applicant can be a parent of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident aged 17 and over. In some cases, ancestor (grandmother or grandfather) can be considered a “parent” under certain conditions and requirements.
The sponsor may be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or an Australian citizen of 17 years and over, who resides permanently in New Zealand for a certain period of time.
The sponsor must provide the sponsored party with the necessary accommodation and, if necessary, provide financial assistance within the first 24 months.
To the family category there is a family quota category (Family Quota Category – FQC). Parents, grandparents, grown-up children, brothers and sisters and their partners, dependent children can use the “Family Quota” program.
Embassy of New Zealand in Moscow: Phone: (495) 956-35-79.
Opening hours of the Embassy of New Zealand: Monday – Friday from 9.00 to 17.30 hours, a break from 12.30 to 13.30 hours.
Emigration to New Zealand for other immigration programs (Work to Residence).
If the applicant has fulfilled the requirements for this category, he receives a work visa for a period of 30 months. The application for permanent residence is possible after 24 months of stay and work in New Zealand.
“Talent” (representatives of art, culture, sports). In this case, you need to get support (sponsorship) from the relevant organization in New Zealand and prove those qualities that distinguish you in the field of art, culture or sports. Successful applicants for this category receive a work visa for 30 months and can apply for residency after 24 months of stay (and work in their field) in New Zealand.
Emigration to New Zealand in the category of Specialists whose professions are on the list of scarce professions and who have an invitation to work permanently in this profession for a period of 24 months or more (a working visa for this category is issued for 30 months).
This category applies to those who are in New Zealand on a work visa for at least 24 months and work for one of the occupations listed in the Priority Occupations List (list of priority occupations) for at least 24 months.
This also includes a long-term business visa (with a business plan, evidence of the intention to organize business in New Zealand, business experience, knowledge of the New Zealand market, English language and the availability of funds for organizing and doing business). The term of a long-term business visa is 36 months. If during this time the business was organized and functioning, it is possible to apply for permanent status.
Immigration to New Zealand on a student visa. It is given for the period of training and does not need special comments. In some cases (when, for example, the period of training, age or other data of the applicant raises doubts about the officer responsible for issuing visas), a “limited visa” is provided that allows you to stay in the country only for the specified period without the right to transform it in any other visa.
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New Zealand actively attracts qualified immigrants to fill unemployment, and also offers a huge number of opportunities to obtain a residence permit.
It should be noted that all immigrants regardless of category, sex, age and citizenship must meet certain requirements. This is good health, good reputation, good knowledge of English and the ability to pay for the necessary immigration fees.
Each applicant for general qualification or investor’s category is over 16 years of age, must have minimal knowledge of English. To confirm this knowledge, the main applicant is required to pass an international test of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). For members of the main applicant’s family, an alternative is allowed: to pass the IELTS or to pay for the ESOL (English for Foreigners) training program, which has already been taught in New Zealand for three and a half years.
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Embassy of New Zealand in Moscow:
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Phone: (495) 956-35-79.
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